You could win a trip around the world from BlackBerry

Yes, All you need is to go to and follow the directions to register and reside in US or Canada (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Quebec).

If you are already a member of  BlackBerry Owner’s Lounge then you also receive a second entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for being a validated member.

So get into the top secret BlackBerry Global Training Lounge Sweepstakes and see you have what it takes to become an International BlackBerry Secret Agent?

BBAs a Secret Agent, you’ll visit a new destination every weekday and with each destination will come a new mission. Each week there will be a vacation getaway to be won. You will also have the chance to win great daily prizes including BlackBerry applications and BlackBerry Authentic Accessories.

Total prizes to be won are up to approximately $74,570.50 !!!

So what are you waiting for? Your mission awaits.

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  1. Mike

    Today’s destination Seattle: Space Needle 🙂

  2. Mike

    Which famous landmark isn’t in St/ Louis?
    # Brooklyn Bridge

  3. Mike

    Hawaaii is the birthplace of which sport? # Surfing

  4. Mike

    The presidents on Mount Rushmore are Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln

  5. Mike

    Chile is the southernmost tip of what continent? # South America

  6. Mike

    What allegedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? # UFO

  7. Mike

    Sydney, Australia is the home of what famous landmark? # Opera House

  8. Kevin

    Where in Germany can you drive at high speeds? # Autobahn


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