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We have seen the preview of Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry sometime ago in CES 2010 and as indicated before it’s now available for BlackBerry. Xobni (it’s inbox spelled backwards), a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that enhances your email experience in a variety of different ways. The mobile app for BlackBerry also tracks stats such as conversations and frequency of communication, allowing you to get a good handle on the contacts you talk to most.

Xobni replaces your default address book and provides you the “Magic Address Book" – one that is complete and constantly updated, requiring no work from you. Xobni automatically generates profiles for everyone with whom you’ve ever communicated. These profiles include information from your calendar, email messages, phone calls, and SMS logs. Profiles also include data pulled from LinkedIn and Facebook.

Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry Features

  • Automatically created from your BlackBerry email and phone logs from “The Magic Address Book”
  • Updated with zero effort from you.
  • Access 10x more contacts.
  • Access Xobni contacts where you need them most, the message compose screen
  • Contacts are Ranked by importance – Learn more

Xobni is available as a stand-alone BlackBerry app, and can also link to Microsoft Outlook via the Xobni One service. Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry can be purchased for a one-time fee of $9.99. Xobni Mobile with the Xobni One service is a $6.99 one-time fee, plus a $3.99 recurring monthly fee. You can also purchase one-year of Xobni Mobile on BlackBerry with Xobni One for $39.90/year. For more information and downloads head on over to xobni.com/mobile.

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