Wirelessly Print Any Email, File From Your BlackBerry With Remote Print App

Remote Print for BlackBerry allows you to wirelessly print any file from your BlackBerry including emails, photos, PDF, Excel, Word, address contacts, memos and more! Remote Print also lets you send files from your BlackBerry wirelessly to your PC.

With this Remote Print App, you can not only print emails, contacts, memos and attachment but you and also transfer (without printing) any file or entire folder to PC.

How it works:

Remote Print is made up of two parts: the BlackBerry application, and a simple lightweight PC application – the Print Server (Mac is currently not supported).
After installing the Print Server and setting up a connection to the BlackBerry, you will be able to print to any printer installed on the PC direct from the BlackBerry. You will also be able to send files directly to this PC from the BlackBerry. The printer can be changed from the Print Server program on the PC.
Note that you can install the Print Server on as many PCs as needed, and save connections to all of them.


  • Native integration into BlackBerry email, address book and memo applications for quick printing direct from the menu bar.
  • Print Office (Excel, Word etc) and PDF files! (requires Office/Adobe reader to be installed on PC).
  • Print photos and image files (png, gif, bmp, jped, jpg etc) direct from your BlackBerry.
  • Use the send option to send any file directly to your PC without printing: great for quick BlackBerry->PC file transfers.
  • Inbuilt file explorer to select files or whole folders for printing/sending.
  • For BES users, print to your office printer from anywhere – even without WiFi.

Note: This app is currently compatible with Wi-Fi capable BlackBerry Models and you need to have active Wi-Fi connection to the PC-Wi-Fi Router on which your Printer is installed. For other non Wi-FI capable BlackBerry models to work with this app you need to have BES data plan.

> > Purchase Remote Print for $ 12.99 ($9.99 until Nov 6)

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  1. Tery

    Wow..working great. Just loaded in my laptop. Now printing email is very quick and easy.

  2. Gaye Boswink

    Excellent read. There are many more resources for anyone to learn. More in depth tutorials are nice and I found that the Video Professor tutorials are the best. (Yeah I know the commercial is dorky but its FREE and a good product) ———-> http://bit.ly/learning-software