Wi-Fi File Transfer: Now Supports All OS 4.5+ BlackBerry devices

Wi-Fi File Transfer

Recently we reviewed very useful Wi-Fi File Transfer application for BlackBerry Bold and it was available for BlackBerry Bold only at that time. The good news for all other BlackBerry users, this application is now available for all OS 4.5 Wi-Fi capable BlackBerry devices including Curve-8900, Pearl Flip 8220, Curve 8320, Curve 8820, Pearl 8120.

Just to recap, if you haven’t gone through the previous post, this application let you transfer files to and from your PC or MAC through your Wi-Fi connection. It also let you rename and delete files off your BlackBerry from your desktop browser.

So if you want to transfer music or large video files, instead of transferring through bluetooth which takes longer time, this application will save your time for sure.There is also a Free lite version of this application available for download which has limited functionality.

Download: Wifi File Transfer for Blackberry Lite
Price: Free

Download: Wifi File Transfer for Blackberry (Full Version)
Price: $9.99

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