When the time comes to upgrade your Smartphone are you going to stay with BlackBerry?

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Three months on from RIM’s network outage were asking if the problems they experienced this October across Europe, Africa and North America will turn users away from renewing their BlackBerry service.

Once upon a time if you wanted a portable device that could text, call, e-mail and check the internet you had very little choice. It seemed to be that the only device on everyone’s mind was the BlackBerry.

However since the market is now more competitive with companies like Apple & Samsung offering great products at basically the same price and similar service will worries about future network problems turn users away?

Shortly after RIM fixed their network problems, the UK managing director at RIM Stephen Bates held a Q&A with users, he had this to say:

Our chief technology officer has started a full audit of our full infrastructure. He’s got the authority to do whatever he needs to do to ensure that resiliency is maintained”

Well those network outage problems have been certainly resolved however when the time comes to upgrade your Smartphone are you going to stay with BlackBerry despite their network problems this year? Get in touch and let us know in the comments.

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  1. Munish

    Off course Yes, not because I run a BlackBerry Blog and I am emotionally attached to RIM and BlackBerry ever since I used it first. These network outages might affect the RIM in someways but there are many other great aspects RIM/BlackBerry has to offer which none of the other competitor has.

    Just to give one example on the enterprise front, “The Mobile Voice System” – what RIM has been offering since quite long time and it’s seem less integration with Cisco UCM and recently Avaya platform is remarkable. Things like native integration among apps, BBM, keyboard, wide variety of models, BES, BESX, strength, courage, talent and resources to bring the device like playbook in a short span and so on…

    I have a strong faith in RIM and it will continue to foster the mobile device/tablet/platform needs …way to go RIM…