What’s So Hot About BlackBerry Device Software v5.0?

BlackBerry OS 5-0

After the release of BES 5.0, similar kind of device software for most BlackBerry devices was expected to leverage its proven enterprise footage and provide better user experience to it’s mass – consumer centric BlackBerry users of today. With the official announcement of BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm2 with OS 5.0, the official knowledge base articles for OS 5.0 released today, the carrier download pages for OS 5.0 is expected to updated soon.

Supported Models with BlackBerry Device Software 5.0

  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 series smartphones
  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphones
  • BlackBerry Curve 8350i smartphones
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphones
  • BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphones
  • BlackBerry Storm 9500 series smartphones
  • BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphones

BlackBerry smartphones must have more than 64MB of memory to support this version of BlackBerry Device Software.

Browser Enhancements in OS 5.0

Improved Web Page Rendering with AJAX support

The following browser standards are now implemented in the BlackBerry Browser using BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0:

  • JavaScript 1.6
  • CSS 2.1 (including Lists, Box Model, Positioning, Floats, Visual Effects, Tables, Colors, Backgrounds, & Text Properties; not including system fonts and generated content)
  • CSS 3 (partial support including Namespaces, Selectors, Color, Marquee, and Media Queries)
  • DOM L2 (including Core, HTML, Style, Events)
  • HTML 4.01 (including Forms, Maps, Tables, Frames, Objects)
  • HTML 5.0 parsing and forms
  • XMLHttpRequest
  • SVG Tiny 1.1
  • XML-stylesheet processing instruction
Gears Support

Gears is an open source browser extension that provides increased on device functionality, which enables richer and more advanced web applications to run within the Browser. The following Gears API components will be supported within the BlackBerry Browser: Factory, Blob, Database, Desktop, Geolocation, HttpRequest, Timer, WorkerPool. To get more info about the Gears API components visit http://code.google.com/apis/gears/history.html.

Security Enhancements in OS 5.0

Improved Security Options Menu

The Security Options menu within Options has been simplified to provide easier access to the settings. The new menu structure and the items contained within the Advanced Security Options are shown in the image below.

Improved Security Options Menu-1 Improved Security Options Menu-2

MicroSD Smart Cards

The use of microSD smart cards for two-factor device authentication, S/MIME key management and other third party applications is supported in v5.0.

Improved Security Wipe Screen


The security options list in v5.0 now highlight the important security options. One of the options listed is the security wipe feature. This feature now provides users the ability to:

  • wipe user installed applications only
  • format the media card directly from the security wipe screen by selecting the check box Media Card

In the security wipe screen, a notice has been added to alert users if BIS accounts are still configured to send messages to the device.

Centralized Encryption Options

Device encryption options are now in one common location. Device encryption (previously known as content protection) includes encryption of all internal memory. This new “device encryption” user option and the existing content protection IT policy will enable memory encryption. 

Firewall PIN Message Blocking Indication


The Firewall options screen will be updated to allow the user to distinguish between corporate and global PIN messages.

BlackBerry Maps Enhancements in OS 5.0

A number of improvements have been made to BlackBerry Maps in OS v5.0. Below is a list of the key improvements.

Map Display
  • Maps will now render on the screen approximately twice as fast as before. Panning and zooming are noticeably quicker.
  • A new Layers screen allows the user to toggle the display of various layers of information on the map display.
  • Ability to position the cursor on top of an unlabeled street and its name will appear in a pop-up at the bottom of the map display.
  • Web-hosted map viewer which can be used to view maps on any desktop computer when invoking a location link in an e-mail received from a BlackBerry, now supports international languages.
Address Search | Points of Interest


Address searches in v5.0 are handled more intelligently. For example:

  • prefixes such as building names are ignored, and users may locate the midpoint of a province, state or country by simply entering its name
  • search for addresses using formats that are specific to a country (and differs from North American conventions)
  • addresses displayed in other applications, such as a browser or the e-mail viewer will be recognized and highlighted allowing the user to simply select the highlighted field and invoke Maps to view the location or add the address to the address book (feature currently only recognizes address is North America and the U.K.)
  • specify a location to search for a point of interest and request directions between points of interest that have been previously found
  • Google local search includes ratings and reviews of businesses in local search results

Searches are now initiated from a single screen. When typing an address any previously retrieved results that are relevant (ex. address book contacts, favorites, or cached search results) will be displayed and available for selection. If none are stored, the option is available to dispatch a wireless search (RIM map server) by pressing Enter.

Photo Geo-tagging on Maps

Photo Geo-tagging on Maps

Geo-tagging is the process of adding data such as key words to media such as photos or videos. Geo-tagging your pictures can appear as a layer that can be activated on the Layers screen. When enabled, all geo-tagged photos from the media library that were captured in the currently displayed map area will appear as thumbnail images on the map. All photos stored in the internal memory or on a memory card are accessed.

Enhanced SMS User Interface

The SMS UI has changed to provide a more chat like experience. The Messages list shows incoming and outgoing SMS as SMS conversations.

Enhanced SMS - OS 5-0

The SMS Chat interface:

  • provides a visually engaging interface
  • provides a threaded view of SMS messages with a contact or phone number
  • indicates message length
  • includes emoticon support
  • shows user contact picture if one included in the address book

Improved BIS E-mail Setup

The enhanced BIS E-mail setup allows customers to quickly setup there e-mail through a local Java application versus a browser-based setup. The e-mail setup lists popular mail service providers such as Yahoo! and Gmail as well as the ability to immediately create a new rogers.blackberry.net address. From the device customers can now edit signatures as well as create and edit e-mail filters.

Improved Gmail | Google Integration

Users of Gmail/Google Mail will be able to use Gmail/Google Mail specific features from their handheld. The user will be able to execute the following actions:

  • Starring messages or conversations
  • Apply/remove labels
  • Message archiving
  • Report spam
  • Search the remote server
  • Conversation view

Threaded messages are merged into a single message list item (number of messages in a thread appear in brackets). The user can click on the merged messages to view a list of each individual message. The last 2 images below also show a 1 line and 2 line message view

Wi-Fi Enhancements

The Wi-Fi enhancements in v5.0 will improve the customer experience around detecting and connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Captive Portal Detection

If a device connects to a Wi-Fi access point open for public use it will automatically test to check if the access point has a captive portal. This may happen if the customer opens Set Up Wi-Fi, clicks Scan for Networks, and clicks on a network. If a captive portal is detected, the customer is asked if they want to login to the hotspot service. If yes, the Hotspot Browser is launched.

Hotspot Login Notification

When the customer approaches a hotspot for which they have a stored Wi-Fi profile, the device invites them to login.

Customers can opt to not be prompted when they approach a hotspot by selecting the checkbox "Don’t prompt me again". With this option enabled the device will notify the user of hotspots by simply adding a red asterisk on the Wi-FI banner icon, along with the Set Up Wi-Fi application and any folder it may be in.

To restart prompting when hotspots with stored profiles are nearby: Manage Connections > Wi-Fi Options > check "Prompt me for manual connection or login."

Multimedia Enhancements



Standard Playlist Song Viewing

The default action will now be to view the contents rather than playing the contents.

Songs Shown in shuffled Order

Songs currently being played will be displayed in the order that they will be played (i.e. displaying the shuffled order).

Removal of the "Sample Songs" Category

Preloaded/sample music will now NOT have its own dedicated category in the Main Music library screen. All Preloaded/sample music will be available similar to songs that a user has on their BlackBerry (e.g. via “All Songs”, Album, Artist, Genre etc). Preloaded/sample music can be deleted from the device should the user not what them played in the future.

Add Currently Playing Song to a "Standard" Playlist

The ability (from the menu of the music player) to add the currently playing song to a Standard Playlist.

Ability to view Next/Prev Picture using the Trackpad

Ability to use the trackpad to move to the next/prev picture. Users will still be able to use the “n” and “p” buttons on the keyboard to view the next and previous pictures.

Support for Play Button on A2DP1 Devices

When the user presses the play button on A2DP connected devices, the BlackBerry will now launch the music application and begin playing music through the accessory.

Media Folder

The Media ‘Hub” application has been replaced with a Media Folder. Users will have access to a consolidated list of various multimedia applications ‘out of the box.’ These include:

  • Music
  • Videos
  • Ringtones
  • Pictures
  • Voice notes
  • Video camera
  • Voice notes recorder

Closed Captions Support

Textual information displayed on top of video. It only applies to video files that support closed captions stored in tmed text format (TTXT) inside a text track of any 3GP or MP4 file type.

Pictures: Support for Auto Focus Modes of Operation

Three user modes of auto focus available: Off, Normal (default) and Close-up

Memory Usage Statistics for Media

From the Media Folder menu, view a summary of memory use (for device and/or external memory). Items shown can include statistics for total used/free and specific amount used for various media types (ex. music, video, etc)

Get more info about the BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 from the RIM knowledgebase articles.

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  1. Jasper

    Hi i have a question, i have the new blackberry bold 9700 and its great but there is one thing i don’t like about it: and that is the new sms/tekst message thing. does anybody knows how to turn it off? so you have the same layout as the blackberry curve 8900 with the newest message of somebody above the message before that newest message? and with the option to not show your own messages that are send by yourself? (the option is there but when i hide the outgoing messages it does not work)

    Please anyone help me.

  2. Bongani

    In the new version 5, how do you select all sms from one person on differnt topics

  3. Linn

    I have the blackberry bold 9000. I need the new blackberry device software v.5.0. You know where i can download it ????? Please!!!! I can’t download it in the official blackberry website. Please help me!!!!

    • Munish

      Select your service provider from the following link and then follow the instructions on the screen to download


      • Linn

        Thanks! But there is no v.5.0. There are v.4.6 that has my phone and i cant use the downloads like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. You know what i need to do? Please help me!

        • Munish

          Who is your service provider?

  4. Linn


    • Munish

      Since AT&T hasn’t officially released the 5.0 OS for Bold 9000, you’ll have to use the other carrier OS.

      For, e.g. you can select Digicel / Latin America/South America and they have the 5.0 OS for Bold. Download that and install on your Windows PC.

      After that, you’ll have to delete vendor.xml (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader) from your PC to continue installing this 5.0 OS via Desktop Manager.

      Remember to back up your BlackBerry data first.

      • Linn

        Okay! Thanks!

  5. Cami

    So since I have a Curve 8310, I can’t download it?

  6. Jaendre

    I have the curve 8520 and upgraded to V5-0 and since the upgrade i have problems downloading app world, facebook and twitter. What can the problem be? Pleeaaaase help

  7. Ron

    I am considering getting a BlackBerry Device with Software v5.0. My question is can I synch my Microsoft outlook email, contacts, and calendar with that device.