Video: BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx Browsing Speed Test on Wi-Fi and 3G, Compared with Storm 2

Check out these two videos put together by @Salomondrin showing upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700’s browsing speed comparison on Wi-Fi and 3G and second video showing 9700 with Storm 2 Odin on Wi-Fi.

In this video, Sal compared BlackBerry Bold 9700’s WiFi and 3G capabilities. There is always perception that Wi-Fi is faster as compared to 3G but check out above video, it’s really close and hard to say 3G is that bad compared to Wi-Fi. Bold 9700 looks very promising. Great video!

This video shows Wi-Fi browsing speed test between the Bold 9700 (Onyx) and the Storm 2 (Odin). Both the BlackBerry devices are on Wi-Fi connection and connected to the same wireless router, but the BlackBerry Bold 9700 wins the race when it comes to loading a browser page. So looks like Both these devices will hit the market before Christmas holidays (as rumored before). So, which one do you think will replace your existing BlackBerry? – Onyx or Odin?

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