Twitter for BlackBerry Beta Gets Updated to v1.0.0.40

RIM has updated the official Twitter for BlackBerry Beta app today. The new version is sitting at from the previous build If you haven’t updated or dropped using it from it’s initial version, head over to to download. After it’s initial release, RIM has been working hard to make this app better in terms of performance and features; and it’s getting better and better with this incrementing updates.


The new version has following new features:

  • Quote Tweets [ability to edit ReTweets]
  • More photo viewing support
  • Personal Info Guard
  • Auto complete for @ usernames [Friend picker]
  • Hotkeys for navigation
  • Go to users

RIM has listened to the feedback given by beta users and some of the above features are awesome. I like the auto complete of usernames and Quote Tweets features from this update. Many new hotkeys have been added in this update for speedy navigation. Twitter addicts will like it for sure.

New Navigation Hotkeys

  • R (reply)
  • L (reply all)
  • Space (page down)
  • F (retweet)
  • C (compose)
  • D (refresh)
  • Alt+0 (home)
  • Alt+1 (mentions)
  • Alt+2 (lists)
  • Alt+3 (profile)
  • Alt+4 (inbox)
  • Alt+5 (find people)
  • Alt+6 (search)
  • Alt+7 (popular topics)

> > Download Twitter for BlackBerry Beta visit

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