Twitter for BlackBerry App Released as Public Beta


You can now download the official Twitter for BlackBerry App beta version from either the App World or through the Beta Zone. The app released as private beta few months ago has been released as public beta for everyone to try, test and express their feedback via Beta Zone forums.

The Twitter for BlackBerry App has one prominent feature over other Twitter clients, which is- it’s pushed notification. This beta version is the same as the one which was leaked few days ago. If you have uninstalled the very first private beta version because of it’s performance issue, consider giving a shot to this one, as it’s said to improve the overall performance and lagging issue.

Features included in this version:

  • Notifications of New Tweets and @Replies/Mentions
    • When an @reply/mention is received, the user will be notified with a splat on the BlackBerry home screen ribbon as well as the application icon
    • Users will also be notified of new tweets in the BlackBerry Messages list
  • Twitter Lists Functionality
    • Comprehensive option to build a list of Twitter users on any subject
    • Ability to add members to the list and view subscribers of the lists
    • Users can also view other users’ lists
  • Profile Editing
    • Users can edit their own Twitter profile from the application
    • Users can also change their profile image from the application
  • Personalization Settings
    • Users can customize the look of the application with the ability to:
    • Show/hide the navigation bar and tweetbox
    • Change the font/style to their own preferred choice
  • Enlarged Avatar (Profile Picture) Viewing
    • Users can click on a Twitter profile image and it will be enlarged for better viewing abilities
  • Improved in-Application Caching/Polling
    • Increased on-device caching for Timeline; Mentions to improve application performance

Do keep in mind that, downloading the app through Beta Zone requires you to register first and currently Beta Zone is available to residents in US, Canada and UK.

> > Download the Twitter BlackBerry App via Beta Zone
> > Download the Twitter BlackBerry App via App World
> > Download the Twitter BlackBerry App – Direct OTA link

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  1. William Starkey

    I installed Twitter for BlackBerry on my Storm 2 and love it. Great looks and functionality. No issues so far. I do wish there was a way to make the Twitter app open automatically when you click on a Twitter link from email or the web. The default is the Twitter mobile site. Amazon’s app does this. Overall, I think its a great app and recommend it.

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    • Duncan Leung

      Hi William,

      I was wondering what other Twitter app you were using on your BB previously?

      • William Starkey

        I only used the mobile version of the Twitter website. You?