Twitter App for BlackBerry Announced in Private Beta – Giving Away Invitation Codes

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Much anticipated Twitter app for BlackBerry has been released by RIM in private beta. All you, Twitter- BlackBerry fans will surely like it when it comes out of beta as official release. It’s full packed Twitter App with nicer user interface with all basic features you need in a Twitter App. As it’s still in private beta, there might be new, improved features in the official release. Any way the wait is about to over. Check out the more screenshot and Twitter contest for Invitation Codes after the jump.

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My experience with Twitter App

I have only used it for some time to get this post out with screenshot, overall it worked well for me. There was a bit lag when it was trying to refresh at set interval, other than that I liked the overall clean, tabbed user interface with it’s pushed direct messages, integration with Messages, Tweet or send DM directly from the Messages and many more. Once installed I had to do a battery pull and it’s worked well after that.

Currently the app doesn’t have any location based features and doesn’t allow multiple Twitter accounts at a time. Well not to forget, it’s still in beta. The official release is said to be available via BlackBerry App World later in this year.

The app is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. It’s supported on BlackBerry OS v4.5 or higher with 64MB or more of on-board memory. The current beta version is sitting at v1.0.0.28.

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Feature: Twitter BlackBerry App

  • Get your direct messages as soon as they arrive
  • Reply to tweets, re-tweet and send direct messages
  • Post a link from your BlackBerry Browser
  • Take a funny picture and upload it
  • Share your thoughts or join a conversation
  • Follow friends or search for popular topics

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More Screenshots and links to sign up for updates

> > Download Link: Twitter BlackBerry App – Invitation Code Required
> > Sign up to be notified when it is officially released at
> > Check out more screenshots at Inside BlackBerry Blog
> > KB articles: Minimum requirements, Options, Location based Searching

Giving Away Invitation Codes

The app is only available to private beta testers however as promised today on Twitter, we will be giving away 3 invitation codes to lucky fans by today midnight (After 12.30 EST). We are still working with RIM to get more and will be giving away (as we get them).

To qualify just Tweet “@blackberrytune Giving Away Invite Codes for Twitter #BlackBerry App – RT to take chance”. You do qualify if you have Tweeted earlier today with above similar lines. Feel free to follow @BlackBerryTune to get more updates. Invitation codes will be sent to lucky Tweeters via DM to their accounts.

Happy Tweeting!

[Update: We have sent out the invitation codes to lucky Tweeters. We’ll give away if we get more. Thank you all for your Tweets and ReTweets.]

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  1. david

    i do wish to have one of the invite…sadly my tweet acc is set to private,so even i retweet u also can’t see it 🙁

  2. Brian

    i would absolutely love an invite code. i’ve been waiting for this for a while, am a big Twitter user and would really like to see how well the RIM Twitter app works & continues to develop. i RT’d your message from earlier today, the 21st, and if you want to make someone’s day & week (yes, having a bad week & month so far), you’ll give me a code. i also am following you now on Twitter. thank you so much in advance! -Brian

  3. Nicole

    You know, Twitter for BlackBerry application has already been leaked, that’s how myself and a bunch of my friends were able to acquire it. But because it’s only a beta, I am sure they will come out with another version soon.


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