Top Selling Smartphone in US – BlackBerry Curve is winner again in Q2


The BlackBerry 8300 series smartphone are top selling smartphone beating Apple iPhone as per the recent report published by IDC. It could be because most wireless carriers in US has 8300 series smartphone in their product offering and it is targeted as mid-price-range smartphone. Good to see RIM’s BlackBerry smartphone grabbing 4 places out of 10 which includes Curve, Pearl, Bold, Storm.

IDC’s top ten list of Smartphone:

  1. BlackBerry Curve
  2. iPhone 3G S
  3. BlackBerry Pearl
  4. iPhone 3G
  5. BlackBerry Bold
  6. BlackBerry Storm
  7. HTC T-Mobile G1
  8. Palm Pre
  9. HTC Touch Pro
  10. HTC Touch Diamond

In my opinion, recently released BlackBerry curve 8520 has fair chances to beat the 8300 series BlackBerry in coming quarters. What do you think?


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