Top 5 Free Apps This Christmas


Screen Muncher – This world famous app lets you capture a screen shot from your blackberry. You can share it via twitter, BBM, e-mail or save it for later. If your constantly getting hilarious misspellings on auto text, get a copy of this and share it with the world.


Photo Editor Ultimate – If you’re an aspiring photographer you need this app!! It gives you the ability to rotate, resize, crop, add text in various fonts and sizes, add effects and color options all on your blackberry. So far its had a great response online with a overall rating of 4.5 stars.


What’s App – If you haven’t heard about it you must have been living in a cave for the past 2 years. Essentially it offers free texts to other smart phone users.  It automatically connects with other people in you address box that have the app and its completely free.


Easy Smile Pack -  This great little app has hundreds of smiley faces and emoticons to choose form so you can personalize all your messages. Its as simple as that! A strong 4 star rating for this!


Flash light – This app, unlike its competitors, uses the Black Berry’s video recorder light (much brighter than the screen). We’ve all been there! You didn’t think it would be dark when you would be walking home so you neglected to bring a torch. Well this app cures all of that you’ve just got to remember you down loaded it!

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