The Upcoming BlackBerry 9650 Branded As Bold Not Tour As Per Leaked User Guide

BlackBerry Bold 9650 User Guide

As indicated in previous post, rumors are Verizon may be launching this upcoming BlackBerry 9650 in May and it’s branded as Bold not Tour. Normally Tour devices follow 96xx naming convention however the user guide found along with this leaked OS for not release BlackBerry references the 9650 as BlackBerry Bold 9650. The last Bold followed 97xx naming convention and it should be the series for future Bold devices however it’s not the case this time. I do not see any logical reason for RIM to mix up well followed naming convention however the above information is derived from leaked content and it may get changed at the time of official launch either the Series name or the device number. Meanwhile browse through the leaked user guide of BlackBerry Bold 9650 and let us know if you find any logic in naming this upcoming BlackBerry as Bold 9650. [Credit]

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