The Common BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcuts With Space Key

There are many useful BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts you can use and be more efficient and productive. Since BlackBerry devices differ in many ways depending on the version of operating system (OS) they are on, the type of keyboard (full qwerty or sure type), touch screen or non touch screen; there are some specific keyboard shortcuts which are different on different BlackBerry models. There is no one common set of standard keyboard shortcuts for all devices.

Keeping above little general background info about the BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts in mind, here are some of the most common uses of Space key on a BlackBerry device. The list is in no specific order.

  1. In the browser, use space key to enter “.” (period) while typing website address (URL)
  2. In the browser, to insert a slash mark (/) while typing website address, press the Shift key and the Space key
  3. In maps application, to switch views, press the Space key
  4. In calendar, to move to the next day, week, or month, press the Space key
  5. In calendar, to move to the previous day, week, or month, press the Shift key and the Space key
  6. In the messages, to enter “@” and “.” symbol while entering email address press the Space key
  7. Move to bottom in the messages folder
  8. Moves page down while reading the email
  9. Shift + Space – moves page up while reading the email
  10. Insert the current date into a message or document by pressing the L key followed by the D key and Space key
  11. Insert the current time into a message or document by pressing the L key followed by the T key and Space key
  12. While typing, to insert a period, press the Space key twice. The next letter is capitalized
  13. Select or Clear a check box
  14. Select, get another option from the drop down selection menu
  15. From the home screen, pressing Space key will bring Call History  (4.5 OS)
  16. To light up the BlackBerry Screen
  17. To jump to the next group in BlackBerry messenger 5.0

Feel free to add more in the comments if I have missed any.

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