SuperLaunch App Helps You Switch Applications Faster

SuperLaunch-1 While using your BlackBerry, do you switch back and forth between Messages to Contacts to Media to Twitter to Calendar and then back to Messages again in a short period of time? It’s hard to go back to Home Screen each time and launch the desired app. One way of doing this faster would be to press ALT key and Back Arrow key to see the already opened apps and move trackpad or trakball to select it. Sure, this is the default way which doesn’t cost a cent however each time, the order of those apps may be different, and you need to wait to see and hover each icon to get to the app you want. You can make this switching between apps lot more easier and faster with SuperLaunch App for BlackBerry.

Check out the below description mentioned by the App developer.

SuperLaunch is the fast way to switch applications and communicate. It comes ready to use with a collection of useful application and web shortcuts. To add more simply press the menu key and choose an item from the menu. To close SuperLaunch press the RED, GREEN, or ESCAPE keys at any time. System menu integration is on by default and you can also assign SuperLaunch to one of the convenience keys. Shortcuts are assigned automatically and you can place items in folders to make them multi key.

SuperLaunch SuperLaunch_6

SuperLaunch Features:

  • Simple One Version Install
  • Automatic Shortcuts
  • Quick Launch Applications
  • Easy Application Search
  • Speed Dial Contacts
  • Send Emails (optional auto send)
  • Send SMSs (optional auto send)
  • Search Amazon, Google, IMDB, Wikipedia…
  • Open Web Bookmarks
  • Compose Email, SMS, PIN, MMS
  • New Contact, Appointment, Memo, Task
  • View Day, Week, Month, Agenda
  • Schedule System Reset
  • System Menu Integration
  • Simple Icons
  • Configure Menu Position
  • Configure Font Size

The app is compatible with all BlackBerry models OS 4.5 and up. The price of the app is $4.99. Free trial is available.

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