Stop Unwanted Emails On Your BlackBerry With BIS Email Filters

BlackBerry BISThis is how to post to walk you through on how to add filters on BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) website for your email accounts on BlackBerry. BlackBerry running on BIS allows you to set up 10 email accounts and among all email accounts you have on your BlackBerry, I am sure you will be receiving many emails which you just delete on a regular basis without even opening it. Typically these emails are the alerts, spam, junk forwards, news letters etc. Setting up email filters can also help you in situations where you do not want to receive any emails at all when roaming or on a vacation travelling overseas.

Login into BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) Website

If you have set up Emails through BIS website from computer then you must be having the username/ password for it. But in case if you have set up emails from the BlackBerry device then you will not have the username created for BIS website. You will have to call your wireless tech support to get the required info in that case.

Following are some of the BIS website links you can access from computer.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltel, US Cellular, TELUS, Rogers, Bell, Fido. You can see the complete list on

Add a filter to a BIS Email account

1. Once you login to BIS account, click the Filters icon next to the integrated email account to which you want to add a filter.

Select Filters

2. In the Name Action section, click Add a Filter to create a filter for the email account.

 Add filter_2

3. In the Filter name field, enter a name for the filter.

Filter Name

4. Choose the criteria for the filter from the Apply filter when drop-down list. For example, you can choose to apply the filter when new email messages arrive or when the subject line contains certain text.

Apply Filter When

5. Enter the criteria for the filter. For example, you can filter by subject or by email address.

Filter Contains

6. Choose whether or not the filter should forward email messages to the BlackBerry smartphone if the specified criteria are met.

Forward Filter

7. Click Add Filter.

Add Filter

8. The filter is now applied to the email account.

Filter added

One more piece of advise from my end would be to copy the filter details into a notepad file and send it to your email address. So in future if you delete the email account and re-add into BIS site you’ll have to add those filters all over again. So in that case you can easily find those filter criteria just by downloading that notepad file from your email account.

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