BlackBerry Status Indicator Icons And Their Meaning

Back in days, I remember how difficult it was to help a friend over the phone to clear all notification icons from her new BlackBerry Bold home screen. Many times, it’s tough for new BlackBerry users too learn all notification icons in few days. Well at that time, I didn’t have this post published else I could have send the link via email.

If you are a new BlackBerry user reading this post or sending a link to fellow new BlackBerry user, do keep in mind that following icon set belongs to the standard themes which are built in with all new BlackBerry devices. It may differ if you’re using custom theme. Also these indicators appear on the Home screen of your BlackBerry device or at the top of the screen in some applications. Depending on your device model and wireless service provider, some of these indicators might not appear.

Home Screen


Message list






Camera and video camera


Camera flash status




Battery power level


Do you see any missing icon from the above list? There is one which is not listed above. It appears when you press Menu Button while you are on active phone call and select Enhance Call Audio and then select Boost Bass or Boost Treble. Once you select any of these two, the icon will appear next time when you’re on voice call.


Stay tuned for the next post on all Application Icons on standard BlackBerry themes.

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  1. JK

    BIG Thank you! This was a very informative chart which I was unable to find anywhere else. I was having trouble with the “Enchance Call Audio” setting that I had accidentally enabled, but fixed it rather swiftly after taking a look here. Thanks again.

  2. Katie

    I have an icon that is not on this list and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s a black/white round symbol with an arrow pointed to the bottom left and a red star (indicator) in the top right. What is this?

    • James

      check your app world for updates 🙂

  3. CC

    Katie, I have the same icon – it appeared a few hours ago and it doesn’t seem to link to anything (opening the menu doesn’t show any red stars). Any ideas Munish?

    • Munish

      It’s hard for me to find it from the description. Any screen shot to my email (info AT would help.

      Hope, that’s the App World Update icon. Let me know what happens after you upgrade to AppWorld 2.0.

      • Bala

        Yes, it is the App World icon. It went away after I checked the App updates.

  4. CC

    Katie, a quick Google search for “blackberry bold unknown home screen notification” helped me. Turns out that this is a notification for an application upgrade, which is in the “Messages” folder. I’m busy upgrading to Appworld 2.0, and I expect that that notification will disappear then.

  5. Laura


    I had this same icon… and after reading the response above realized it was an application upgrade icon. I went into the Blackberry Apps – My World section and you will see the available upgrade. Finally – this icon has been bugging me for weeks!

  6. Sophie

    i have this icon on the bit where u get messages and it says 1 next to it. It is orange and is the same circle which is the internet browser without the orange line going round it. do you have any idea what it is? because i have looked everywhere and it doesnt tell me >???

    thankss x

    • Sophie

      sorry i just figured it out for anyone else who doesnt know do this, its an internet browser which hasnt been opened :

      It is a browser message icon. Go into the messages folder > menu button> search > type: unopened> menu > search – Read the message and the icon will go away

      • Wes

        hi Sophie, i have the very same icon and followed your instruction but it says no messages – any other suggestion

        • Linda

          Hi, I have the same indicator there, it’s a Broswer Message. You can go to Messages, then press BB button to open the menu, then scroll down to find “View folder”. Then select “Broswer Messages” to read the message. Then the indicator will disappear.

          • Nadine

            Thanks Linda – that worked for me – have had that icon on ma bb for about two months now. Wow!

  7. nrykah

    i have an icon on my home screen that i do not understand it is a circle with an arrow inside(always pointing down towards the left)with a red new item symbol on the circle line.
    please can you tell me what this is.

    • robert

      I have the same. What is it??

      • Mik

        When you press the Menu button and see all icons, do you see any notification icon (red star) on any app. I am not sure about what the icon is from the description you’ve provided but it’s a notification icon for an app for sure.

        Did you installed any new app recently. If you don’t find any red star on any app icon then do a battery pull and check again.

  8. cfashton

    That’s the App World update indicator. I had the same question until I went back and read Munish’s answer on 8/22 and Laura’s answer on 8/23. Mik is right – it’s definitely a notification icon. Pulling the battery won’t help. But sometimes you have to really dig to find which app is indicating an available update.

    On my 9630 (Tour), The “Blackberry App World” icon does not show a red star like you might expect. But, once you click on it, the “My World” icon DOES show the red star. The newest version is You don’t have to actually upgrade to get rid of the icon on your home screen. Once you go in and read about the upgrade, the red star will disappear. Of course, the next time you go into App World, it’s going to again remind you of the available update.

    • TGE

      Excellent advice. I have a Bold 9650. This symbol was driving me crazy!

  9. Bobber

    Seems you missed the “App. Download Pending” icon, a circle with an arrow pointing from the One O’clock to the center with a red and white asterisk on the edge of the circle. Without other online forums I may have never found it.

    What really fries my nads is that I could not find this listed anywhere in the Blackberry listings. In fact, they don’t seem to be very descriptive in several areas.

  10. Carla

    There is a #1 a red star and a happy face on my Blackberry Curve Homepage ???? What does it mean???

  11. TerryA

    1 Globe (yellow) appears on 8900 after I saved a weblink due to being in a no data coverage area and given the option to save for later access. Cannot find it in messages, nor Saved messages, nor Browser except I deleted the Browser History link (still did not go away. Pls Help. This would be a missing ICON from the above chart. Thanks in Advance.

  12. David H

    I have the same yellow globe on my 8700 after I saved two emails for later sending because I was in an area with no service. I can’t believe BlackBerry would have an icon and not tell anyone what it’s for and how to get rid of it.

  13. Wes

    i found the solution after holding for 14 minutes waiting on VODACOM…they could not find the solution.

    here are the steps , 1: go into messages 2: select the BB icon which will open a menue 3: scroll down to “view folder” select it 4: then scroll down to “WAP Push Messages” open and read it. Done

    • Cindyb62

      The complete task is: Go to Applications – click on Saved Messages – then press th Blackberry Option button – then scroll down to View Folder – then scroll up to Browser Messages- and all of your messages with the Yellow Globes will appear. These are websites that you were unable to open up and selected save or maybe you save them to look into later and the Yellow Globe is just a reminder.

    • Magic

      Fantastic advice ! just done it and the round orange circle is gone after 4 months ! many thanks !

      • Lim

        Wonderful… finally the yellow globe are gone (after 6 months), after I open the “WAP Push Messages”… thanks Wes..

    • alessio


  14. Melanie

    I have a blackberry curve and there is a hangman symbol at the top of my page what does it mean

    • ElaineP

      I have the same hangman symbol and have tried numerous steps as mentioned on the forums to no avail!! Mine is a Bold 9700

    • dano

      in regards to the smiling hang mans head on the home screen.its a indacator that the game has sent you a remove his stupid head try go to messanger folder (open),read hang man message and his head will GO AWAY finaly

  15. pankil


    i am using bb 8520. just a couple hours back a strange icon has shown up on my home screen which is not on the list above. Its like a small greyish rectangle with a small yellow bell in the lower right hand corner of the rectangle. It two of them, seperate icon, Request for your help.

    • Steph

      I have the same icon that just appeared last night. I cannot find what the meaning of it is.

  16. Hana

    When I receive a text on my Curve 8520 I get a slanted envelope with a 1 beside it, but a straight envelope with the 1 has appeared and I don’t know what it means, when I receive a text the slanted envelope appears as normal but the straight one stays there I’m so confused.

  17. Jenn

    I have 2 icons that I can’t get rid of. One is the yellow globe, I saw it was posted above. I tried those steps and it didn’t go away. Does anyone know what to do? Also, I have a small yellow smiley face on my screen How do I get rid of that?? Thanks!!

    • RJ

      Jenn – go to your text message folder- go to “View Folder” then scroll down to “WAP Push Messages” – read or delete those message(s). The “yellow globe” should disappear.

    • Ottrplt

      The globe is a notification for a “Browser Message” . Go to mail > view Folder >browser messages > delete them

  18. Dave H

    Thanks for the enhanced audio icons….after 3 weeks of thinking my phone would only work on speaker( I know but my IT dept knew no better!) I finally found your site, made a call, and changed the icon back to normal from previous! Da Da phone works again and I no longer transmit to all my converstaons nor do I have to send my phone away for 5 weeks to be reparired…

  19. Alisa C

    I have an icon on my Blackberry Bold 9650, its a pale yellow smiley face. There’s no other icons around it, and it moves from the left side of my home screen (usually to the right of my new mail icons) but moves to the top middle of the screen when i check messages. I have no idea what its for, and I’ve looked and can’t find it anywhere online, and haven’t read anything about it anywhere in any of the forums so far. If anyone could help, i would really appreciate it!! Thanks!!

    • Paula B

      I just got the same icon on my phone and I have a BB Curve. Did you ever figure out what this icon represented?

  20. karim

    Hi all,

    I have a yellow icon on my email icon just below it , it is a yellow envelope with a curvy line in the low end of it,i do not know what is that.

    Any help

  21. Jenn

    I have a blue box with white bubbles. Suppose to mean I have BB messenger notices but I’ve checked and there aren’t any. I can’t clear it.

    • deedee225

      i had that same problem. i dont know what that meant! someone help please…

  22. katy

    I have the ‘app world icon’ that some people above have been talking about. I’ve followed numerous steps but cant get rid of it! I cant find out how to upgrade to app world 2.0 Its driving me mad! x

    • Cindyb62

      But did you select run? Because it will not complete unless you say run, that’s when another screen will pop up and say it was a success

  23. Adam

    I had the happy face icon on my Bold. I believe it is from Hangman. If you have enabled the daily themes. Open the Hangman app, select settings, and de-select the top selection which displays on the home screen when new packs are available.

    • Wally

      The solution to hide this annoying icon was disconnecting the Hangman App of my BBM. Thanks!

      • Wally

        Other solution was reading the notifications of this app.

  24. Sean


    Does anyone know how to remove the Browser push message / saved browser search off my home screen?

  25. kristi

    I have 2 symbols that have shown up on my BlackBerry Bold 9000. They are both in the upper left hand corner. the first is the number 1 with a black circle and an arrow pointed down and to the left there is also a red star at the upper right of the circle. the second one is a yellow circle that looks like a globe with the number one beside it. I have had this model of black berry since April of last year, and have never seen either symbol. Also, I recently received a refurbished black berry bold 9000 so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Chloe

      the number 1 with the black circle with the arrow pointing down with the red star means that black berry world app has an update for you i just figured mine out 🙂

      • The Void

        Any idea how to remove the icon? I am trying to get it removed but even after clicking the apps icon..still!!!

  26. Michelle

    I have an Icon that NOONE seems to know what it is. it is a little blue circle with a checkmark in the middle… any one have any ideas?

  27. azmi

    i have blue circle with a white around it for my torch

  28. Chloe

    i have a symbols that have shown up on my BlackBerry Bold 9000. It is in the upper left hand corner. It is the number 1 with a black circle and an arrow pointed down and to the left there is also a red star at the upper right of the circle.

  29. orb

    i have a orange circle with a number by it (think its something to do with a web browser) anyone know what it is ?

  30. Pernilla

    I have one that I can’t find the explanation for anywhere! It is a circle with a cross in it and also the “message is being sent” icon next to it. What is it that I’m sending? Please help me!

    • Jenn

      I have the same circle with a cross in it in the upper rt of my mainscreen on my curve and no one can tell me what it is. I can’t find it in any publications either.

      • Cindyb62

        That means there’s a upgrade waiting in one of your bb apps.

  31. bob

    does anyone know what a white envelope with a black circle in the middle and a red circle in the top right hand corner means??

    • chris

      same problem dude white envelope with black circle and red curcle to the right above the black one

  32. carolyn

    Bob – I had the same problem tonight. I went into my sms inbox, pushed the menu button and clicked on view folder – then it comes up a list of all your folders, I went into them one by one tille I found the one with a new message. It turned out it was blackberry world, although I had already went into blackberry world before that and saw nothing. Yours could be the same problem as it seems to have happened at the same time as mine. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Zoe

      Thanks-this worked for me! 🙂

    • kate

      Thank you Bob for asking that question! That darn symbol has been haunting me and thank you Carolyn for your reply!!!!! Turns out it was memory booster upload message from bb app world.

    • stacey

      carolyn – thanks so much for ur response.. It helped me a lot!! @ bob, thanks for askin the question!!! 🙂

    • Holly


  33. Maiken

    I’ve got a half a grey envolope with half a circle in the middle at the top left hand side of 8900, can’t find how to get rid of it anywhere. Can anyone help?

    • Ryan

      I have the same thing and dont no what it is , anyone got any ideas

  34. serina

    I have a yellow star and I have no clue what it is??

    • Cindyb62

      Check your emails, you’ve placed a Star on something as a reminder.

      • Joanita

        Thanks! The star was driving me nuts!

  35. mau

    how can i remove the sending data icon?

  36. Siva

    While charging my batter icon of my curve 9300 changed into something that is not shown above. Its a battery sumbol, but inside it, it appears to be some kind of a spanner or some wierd gadgety thing. Anyone knows anything about it?

    • Ann

      did anyone find out what this means>????? my phone is doing that now! its really annoying because i charged it last night. and it was fine,i used it for a bit today ,just texting,and now its almost dead, when i go to charge it , it has that same symbol. and i cannot leave the house with a dead phone! pls help!

  37. Snake

    i just got an new icon on my home screen, but i can’t find what does this icon stands for. Can anyone help?

    Description : Green bubble with white phone in side of bubble and there is new item icon on right top of the bubble.

    Please help.
    Thank you.

  38. dohere22

    I have a white envelope with a black circle in the middle of it and red circle on the top right hand corner of the evelope on my home screen. Does anyone know what it means??

    • Ryan

      i have the same question , please help

      • Sophie

        i have that too and it wont go away, someone please help ?! its driving me nuts.

        • owen

          The answer is above after a guy named bob asked it 🙂 hope i

  39. Sophie

    i just found out what it is ! if you go onto messages, ( not SMS and MMS ones, just plain messages) then you wshould havea message from app world , click on that then close it and the icon should be gone (: !

  40. Ryan

    thanks Sophie , that has worked for me too . sweet

  41. Terry

    I have 8330 and just this morning at the top just to the right of the center of the screen is an icon that looks like a test tube. It is red and has a number beside it that changes from time to time. Does anyone know what it is?

  42. Yosi

    Anyone know how to get rid of this icon? An envelope with circle black dot in the center and a red dot too in the upper right…

    • ??

      …..or what this icon indicates? What is it?

      • Hunter

        Go into MMS and there should be a message from App world and click it and it will go away.

  43. ??

    …..or what this icon indicates? What is it?

  44. Oliver

    I have a status indicator icon that appeared ten days ago. It is a red turret or cooling tower-like shape – perhaps a chemical flask – with the sides outlined in white. It has a number (18) shown next to it that has not varied since it appeared. I have no games on the machine, even those with which it was supplied.

    • leah

      Its the temperature for the app accuweather.

  45. Hunter

    Ahh!! mine has this weird icon that isnt on here and its bothering me!its silver and has somthing black in the middle then a run astix then, does anybody else have this?? HELP!

    • Hunter

      i guess if i read the comments i would have figured it out lmao thanks Sophie.

  46. Philly

    I have an icon at the top of my screen, it’s a white envelope, with the black circle blackberry logo in the middle, with the red star indicator. I’ve tried everything and it won’t go away! Anyone any ideas?

    • Philly

      – I don’t have a message on my messages from App World 🙁

      • Philly

        It’s come up! Thank you

  47. leo

    Hi-a weird icon came up on a 9300. It’s like a tiny white envelope with a very little black dot right in the center, and you can almost see a little white something inside that eeeextremely little black dot. Next to it, in the top right corner of the envelope there is a red dot, the same size as the black one….someone please help’s driving me nuts!….thanks a lot

    • leo

      never mind..I found it..thanks sophie

      • brad

        how did u get rid of this box ive got the same problem is also drivin me crazy please help

  48. peter

    +i have a problem on my blackberry 9650, there is an icon whihc is square and black in colour, it has an arrow pointing up, its driving me nuts, hep!!!!!

  49. Jodie

    I also have a green speech bubble with a white bubble in between and have no idea how to get rid or what it is. I have a Blackberry Curve. Any help would be great! thanks

  50. Simone

    My dad has a continuous green light flashing on his 8520, for the past 6 weeks or so.
    Also a red circle with a white dollar sign inside it.
    Can anyone help?
    I have a 9300 and have never seen these icons before.

  51. mau castle

    i have this “system is busy” icon, even though im not doing anything (stanby mode) anyone can help me?thanks

  52. mau castle

    how can you download facebook using 8520?

  53. Jaime

    I have an icon that showed up today that I am really hoping someone can help me with. It is in the top right corner of the screen under the signal bars, it looks like a target (circle with a + in the middle and 3 ))) beside it. Can’t find it on anhy of the lists. Plse help! Thanks!

    • adam

      Trying to figure out the same thing, nobody seems to know what it is

      • Munish

        The other work around to try would be to “Show All icons” in the home screen and open all the apps one by one to see if there is any notification. This will surely help find which 3rd party app has that icon.

  54. Jaime

    Oh I have the BB Curve

  55. Malia

    I have an indicator light on my phone that I can’t figure out. It is a message but in the bottom left their is a White circle with some sort of symbol that I can’t quite figure out. Any advice would help.

  56. Malia

    I have an indicator light on my phone that I can’t figure out. It is a message but in the bottom left their is a White circle with some sort of symbol that I can’t quite figure out. Any advice would help

  57. Duncan

    In my messages folder, I have started to get a clock icon (a red square clock showing 3 O’Clock) where I would normally see an envelope to indicate message read or a tick to indicate message sent. Intuitively I suppose the icon means that the message is pending, but what’s it waiting for? I have signal. Hitting “re-send” doesn’t do anything. I’ve only had this in the last few days since last week’s meltdown. Any ideas?

    • Duncan

      Resolved by removing the battery and restarting. All the pending emails sent. No idea what caused it though…

  58. Annette Mouton

    What does the icon NL means at the top right hand corner? How do I get rid of this?

  59. Dany

    Dear all,
    Please help, I always see a blue bbm icon on my start up page of the 8520.
    there are no open chats in the bbm, no saved messages, nothing!
    how do i remove this logo?

  60. Nincho

    hi all!! plzz help me. messages in my inbox are green outside, when I want to read it, there are no messages.Although there should be :((( it disappears time after time. messages that are sent/received more then 1 month ago. :((( help

    • Munish

      There should be some unread messages. Did you try deleting all Messages and see if that go away. Highlight the “Date” filed in Messages, press Menu and select “Delete Prior” to delete all messages in one shot.

  61. alvin

    May have it figured out soon, but there is an icon on my status screen. Bb 9900. May be an app . Unsure yet. Its a small circle, white outline, black interior, white arrow pointing to approx 7-8 . If it was a clock lol. The arrow end on top which is at approx 1-2 starts outside of the circle. There is no updates available, no notifcations on amy of my icons. And right now can’t figure out why its there. Any help would be appreicated.

  62. karen

    hi can anybody help please i have got the bb 9700 and everytime i type a message 3 small square boxes pop up in the middle of the screen and stop me carrying on with my message unless i click it off it is driving me mad, please help many thanks

  63. nige

    Hi, I have a little red square clock icon next to an MMS I am trying to send. Does anybody know ehat this means? Thanks

  64. Curt

    Hi. An orange square with a $ symbol and a 1 next to it has popped up on my 9630. I can’t find a reference to what it is or how to get rid of it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Munish

      It appears to be from 3rd part app. However check the following link for default OS 5.0 status indicators for BlackBerry Tour 9630.

      Hope this helps else sorry it’s hard for me to identify from the description.

      • Curt

        Thanks for the help. I still can’t identify it though. It is a green dollar sign inside an orange square. It is located just to the right of the new message indicator icon. It currently has a “1” immediately to the right of the square. Puzzling. Thanks again.

        • Curt

          It turns out it was an app installed by my company for approving FCA’s. Once I found and opened it, it went away. Thanks for your help.

          • Munish

            Thanks Curt for letting us know. Have a good weekend!!

  65. conrad

    my blackberry storm was fully charged this morning and by lunchtime it had a very very low battery signal (red in colour). there is a funny icon on the top right hand side of my screen under the 3G sign. it looks like a circle with a “cross” in the middel. looks like the lines of a gun scope. could this be some application that’s open that used my battery life

    • Tom

      I don’t think so it is related with low battery event you had in the morning. It would be some sort of notification came of any app.

      Did you installed in new app recently. Try opening all the apps one at a time. Reboot the device and see if that helps.

  66. AMANDA

    Hi, I have a white circle on my bb8520 with a arrow showing down to the left and I can not find anything that is still open or bussy.. Can someone help me..??????PLEASE…

  67. kelly

    i need some help! i got a bb 8520. only had it few months. today i needed to find my mobile number. so i turned my phone off, then took the battery out to see if my number was written on the sim card. it wasnt so i put battery back in, and it turned its self on like normal. or so i thought. the screen is totally frozen. and there is a symbol on the screen i have never seen before. next to the speaker phone picture( the one that tells u if ur phone is silent or not) is a little yellow outline of a star…ive treid soft and hard reset. and once its rebooted, just goes back to same screen. i dont know what to do..

  68. Elliot

    I have a symbol which isn’t on there and it looks Abit like a paperclip with a Circle either end of a line ?

    • owen

      It is up there i think it may be a voice mail you should check your voice mails if its not sorry 🙂

  69. Mo

    I have a BB Bold and have an icon that looks like a blackberry with a small yellow line along the left side of it. A few people I work with have the same icon and no idea how to clear it! Any ideas?

  70. CR

    hiya, i have a bb curve 8520 and latley, the tone for when i receive a bbm message plays, and when i check, i have no bbms or other any other messages, but a symbol appears.. its a black square with a green thing drawn inside it with one of those red stars or message indicators almost infront of it that wont go away? have you any idea what this is? or how i can get rid of it.

  71. NadineB

    There is an icon that looks like the browser icon but it is yellow in color with the number 1 beside – which means something needs attention. My Blackberry App World also from time to time has a red indicator on it but when i go in – nothing to update. Argh! Help – any suggestions?

  72. emma

    hey i have had a small white box with a black circle in the middle of it on my screen for a week now i cant find out what it is, it is some kind of notification as it has the red * in it! please help!! its starting to annoy me :S lol

  73. Doreen

    when i wanted to sms, the phone number appears +66(followed by number) but the sms doesnt go thru. how do i remove the +66? i have tried deleting the name and entering a new name with the same number but the +66 keeps appearing in front of the number. what should i do?

  74. Nadine

    Here’s another challenge – the red indicator button is always on my bb app world icon but when i go in there’s nothing to update. Anyone can help? Why does this happen? Am I missing something?

  75. Atul Naahar

    I have a hollow yellow star on my home screen. Next to the Alerts icon. What is this for?

  76. Nikhil

    I have a yellow star on my home screen. Next to the Alerts icon. What is this for?

    • Nadine

      Try this – this helped me – maybe it’s the same. this was posted earlier

      Linda on November 24, 2010 at 2:09 AM

      Hi, I have the same indicator there, it’s a Broswer Message. You can go to Messages, then press BB button to open the menu, then scroll down to find “View folder”. Then select “Broswer Messages” to read the message. Then the indicator will disappear.

      • Natz

        THANK YOU SO MUCH! Bloody thing has been there for AGES! Finally gone! Thank you! <3

  77. s

    there is a star indicator showing on my bold 3..what does it signify

    • owen

      I have that Ive read all them above and i think its because we have left a reminder on something but i cant get rid !!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  78. owen


  79. bel

    I also have that yellow star… Its driving me insane!!! I can’t get rid of it. I checked all the apps, all my emails to see if I put a remainder somewhere and nothing! Please help! Thanxxx

  80. bel

    I figured out how to get rid of the yellow star! Go to your sms inbox, click on the bb button, go to see folders, scroll down to new apps…. Its right there! Some push ram whatever whatever… Just open it its some sort of advertisement from app world! Click on it and it will go away! Hope u find this helpful! I’m so happy yay!!!!

    • Kelsey

      Thanks for the advice, I’ve been trying all day to get rid of that yellow star!

  81. Nadine

    I have a bold 9700 – the red indicator button on the app world icon comes on even when there are no updates available. Can anyone help me? Why is this? Tired of checking for updates only to see none there. Am I missing something?

  82. Ganu

    Hi, I have new BB Curve 9360 with OS-7.
    Got this new unrecognized icon for the first time on my screen, just beside wifi icon on its right. Its like 4 white dots :: just similar to BlackBerry logo (half logo to be precise).
    Guys pls help, I’ll appreciate any solution at this time.

  83. Shauna

    i just got a new battery for my phone and when I put it in there’s a picture of the battery with a huge RED X through it! Ive never seen this before. What does it mean do i have the wrong battery?

  84. Steven Godfrey

    I got this strange gold star show up in the middle of the top of my Bold 9650 between the speaker and the search icon. What does that mean?

  85. Steven Godfrey

    If anyone can answer that would be nice.

  86. Heloise

    A bit behind but thanks bel!! I had the yellow star and it was driving me nuts! Just deleted it and feeling WAY better! Thanks again!

  87. Chris

    Thank god that yellow star has gone only been trying to remove it for 3 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Jade

    Hi I have this weird green circle next to my sounds symbol. It has a telephone inside and a red notification symbol at top of green circle. Tried clicking on everything to do with calls but not going away. Took battery out but still there. What does it mean?

  89. erika

    what does the small star icon means?

  90. erika

    please help….what does the small star icon means? i cant remove it…even if i open and read all my mail…why is it there…thanks

  91. Nathali

    Small icon star means there is an BB app that they are trying to sell [like a advert reminder]. Open your general messages where everything is in one place and you will the app world add. the moment you click on it it takes you the the app world. You can close it immediately and the icon will be gone. Hope it helps.

  92. lucy

    what does the little red box with the letter L inside mean n also the grey box with a key please

  93. Laura

    Hi, everybody, I have a BB Bold 9700. Sometimes, after sending a sms, the sms symbol appears in green with a check on it. If I open it and close it again the time of sending changes into the time of the last opening of the sms (but only in the list, the actual message appears to be sent at the right time). Other sms, instead, appear straight away with a white symbol (unchecked). Do someone knows what does it mean? Are the “green” sms properly delivered? thanks in advance

  94. Denise

    When I get a new text message, the notification doesn’t show up in the notification bar. I can only see new texts if I unlock screen and scroll to that icon. How can I get that icon to show up in the notification bar? thanks

  95. Nicola

    Hi – in the status bar at the top of my home screen (where there is usually your missed call number and texts etc…..i have a black circle with a thin white arrow pointing diagonally down to the left and a 1 next to it. It is not the incoming data arrow that usually appears in the top right hand corner – anyone got any idea as to what it could be?? Thanks

  96. Neeraj Kumar

    Hello there, I just updated few applications in my blackberry bold 9700 and now is one icon showing like bettery in standing position with a x inside. Can anybody help me to konw what is that and how can i fix it. Thanks a tonn.

  97. Anna

    I have an icon that looks like a pale blue triangle, with the BB symbol in the top left corner, and a person in the bottom right corer. Any ideas?

  98. Zee

    I have a blue cube with a white bb symbol with a white little guy on top left of my Curve. Checked my app world to see if i have updates. Checked under the messages list – nothing there and cleared old messages.any ideas??

    • Daz

      Had same icon this morning. Eventually searched thru all folders and found in ‘Messages’ a BlackBerry ID update notice. Downloaded and installed and the little blighter’s gone!!

  99. canandogan

    status indicators home screen
    new notifcation social feeds placed call voice mail
    high priority message not sent blackberry
    attachment roaming
    canann dogan

  100. alexjw_01

    I have a blue square with a white person in it on my blackberry curve 8520 where the notifications usually are. does anyone know what this means?