Spin And Set – Cool Puzzle Game for BlackBerry Storm & Storm2

BlackBerry Game Avtar-0001 BlackBerry Game-0000 

This puzzle game for BlackBerry Storm has two version, one based on images from James Cameron’s 3D movie Avatar and second one is based on images of beautiful girls. The game is basically a set of high quality image divided into 24 pieces and each piece is randomly rotated. You tap on the piece to spin in the right direction and reproduce the original image in a limited timeframe to win.

It’s a lot of fun spinning and setting puzzles. Each version has 10 stage puzzles with amazing quality pictures with fair sounding background music while playing game.

This game is only available for touch screen BlackBerry Storm and Storm2. It’s regular price is  $5.99 but available on sale for $2.99 until January 31, 2010.

> > Spin and Set (Avatar)
> > Spin and Set (Beauty)

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