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We reviewed 12 Twitter Apps for BlackBerry a little while ago and after that, many of them got updated with new features, some new Twitter Apps got released in the market and we have now new additional Twitter apps for BlackBerry, which allows you to send Tweets containing pictures, videos and audio from your BlackBerry. Take a look at Tvider App for BlackBerry today and see some more screenshots of it’s user interface to get more insight of it before installing it on your BlackBerry.

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  • Support for all 3 types of media – VIDEO, AUDIO, PICTURE.
  • Tools to instantly generate media using webcam and mobile camera.
  • Option to publish a pre-recorded media tweet from your HDD or mobile SD Card memory.
  • Instant Micro Media Tweeting experience designed by limiting the media length to 60s in case of video and audio.
  • Reply and Re-Tweet the media Tweets in your timeline.

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The BlackBerry Storm version is not available yet for this app. Tvider App for BlackBerry is freeware.

I’ve played with this application on my BlackBerry and it works quite well. The user interface is very nicely designed, it’s simple to use and fast in terms of media retrieval. Let us know your feedback about this app in the comments.

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