T-Mobile Pearl 8100 users are still missing 4.5 OS !


All GSM blackberry carriers including AT& T in USA, Rogers in Canada, Orange and Vodafone in UK have updated their Pearl 8100 OS to 4.5 since quite a long time but T-mobile 8100 users have still v since August 2007. Unbelievable. RIM rolled out 4.5 OS for 83xx Curve and 81xx Pearl series BlackBerry devices almost a year ago.

Pearl, 8100 is still one of the most sturdy device which was recently launched by Fido as their first BlackBerry in expanding their existing product line.

Any way, let’s take a look at what is included in 4.5 OS. Well, the major enhancement from user’s perspective the Video Recording is not available on 8100 with 4.5 OS which is available on other models like curve with 4.5 OS. But again, there are other worth noticing upgrades with 4.5 OS including better music management, voice notes and documents to go basic edition.

Following is the partial list includes what’s new in 4.5 OS in general for all devices.

  • Emergency Location
    Improved location identification for emergency 911 calls
  • User Interface
    Refreshed Look – Enjoy messages, address book entries and a calendar that make better use of colors and fonts.  They’re also laid out to more closely match the programs you use on your computer.
  • Email
    Improved Email Layout (Rich HTML Email) – View tables, images and fonts with formatting that looks better than ever.1
  • Remote Search 
    Find emails that are stored on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • Attachments and Files
    Edit Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint Files – Just download the attachments and start typing! 
    Copy, paste, change font formatting and more.
    Download and Save – Grab a file on the Internet, and save it to your smartphone to view or edit later.
  • Browser
    Optional Page View – Experience desktop style depiction of web sites from the device, using the trackball to zoom into an area of interest.
    Mobile Streaming – Access videos, music or even sports and news clips from websites with mobile streaming capabilities.
  • Voice Notes
    Send a Voice Note – Instead of typing an email, record a Voice Note and send it as an email attachment or Multimedia Message (MMS).
    Stay on Top of Your Tasks – Record your thoughts and play them back when they’re needed.
  • Music
    Improved Music Management – See all your music files, or filter them by artist, album or genre. You can even create and edit playlists.
    Musical Multitasking – Open the BlackBerry smartphone menu and select “Now Playing to access the name and artist for the song you’re listening to – even when using another application.
    Bluetooth Compatible (A2DP) – Use wireless Bluetooth headphones or speakers to enjoy your music wherever you are.
  • Video 
    Full Screen Player – Watch videos in full-screen mode or stay in command with the media controls mode.
  • Calendar
    Free/Busy Lookup – View your colleagues’ calendars on your smartphone

    * Some features requires BlackBerry Enterprise support environment.

For Rogers Pearl 8100 users Download OS from BlackBerry.com.
Instructions on how to update new OS.

Let’s see, when T-Mobile BlackBerry-Web-update team spare some time to update the download link for 8100 Pearl.

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  1. eiva

    T-mobile sucks!

  2. Gary

    Can’t believe t-mobile still doesn’t have OS 4.5 available for us Pearl 8100 users!
    I can’t wait until my contract is over with them.

  3. BlackBerry Tune

    You can upgrade the Rogers 4.5 OS for BlackBerry Pearl 8100 by deleting vendor.xml in your PC. Note: Only upgrade this way if you know how to do it and knows risk involved. Good luck.