RIM Product Manager Pankaj shares insight and product positioning of BlackBerry Curve 8520

Annu from Inside BlackBerry – Official BlackBerry blog has posted a very interesting conversation with Pankaj – Man behind this BlackBerry Curve 8520.

In my opinion, this new Curve 8520 will be a BIG hit in the market as an entry level smartphone. If I look at the features and target segment, it is well intended for those consumers who do not want to spend more on expensive data plan, max just email only plan but NEED MORE than 83xx series.

So its very logical for Pankaj not to include GPS but striking Wi-Fi to give more juice for those price conscious consumers to use free Internet are perfect mix for entry level device. The optical trackpad, slim design and media keys on top are other great features for this BlackBerry to be a BIG hit in other countries including North America and Europe.

I know people will not throw in Bold for 8520..it’s Different..entry level device folks.

Read part of the conversation.

Can you describe your role at RIM?

I’m the Handheld Product Manager for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone. I define the requirements for the product and work with cross functional teams from the product concept phase through to development leading up to the global launch.

What was the vision for the new BlackBerry Curve?

To offer an entry level smartphone and provide an update to the BlackBerry Curve 8310/8320 products. The new smartphone addressed the aspirations of people currently using a mid tier feature phone to step up to a BlackBerry smartphone that’s affordable and meets their lifestyle needs.

You’ve been using the device for a while now. What do you like about it?

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone has some capabilities that I am proud of. It’s easy to carry and use as a phone (just like the original). I like the dedicated media keys, and it has a sleek and simple design that feels really soft and light in the hand. The trackpad touch navigation interface is cool — it makes navigation easy and actually kind of fun. We changed the design of the side keys so they are integrated into the side band, which means again they are much sleeker and still very functional.

Why the new trackpad? How does it work?

We are always looking forward and investigating new technology, trying to meet the needs of our customers. The trackpad was a good fit for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone. It emulates a similar experience to what we all love and use on our laptops today.

Why Wi-Fi?

We looked at the target audience for the product and Wi-Fi® support seemed to be the best choice because it allows for an enhanced broadband experience. Wi-Fi coverage seems to be everywhere now, so you can enjoy blazing fast web browsing on this product.

Black or Frost?

Love both the colors. Frost blue is a unique color on a QWERTY device.

So if you were to buy BlackBerry 8520, which color will you choose?

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