RIM and Verizon Launching New BlackBerry 9650 in May?


[Update: This device is officially launched as BlackBerry Bold 9650 by RIM at WES 2010.]

We have the leaked OS for BlackBerry 9650 out even through the hardware is not released yet and it may be the indication of official release date arriving soon for this new 9650. The BGR is indicating Verizon to launch BlackBerry 9650 in around May and it will contain a Push-To-Talk feature that will run over Verizon’s data network for a $5/month fee. It not solid about RIM releasing this new model as Bold or Tour but there are more chances that it will follow Tour family and may launched as Tour 9650. What’s your guess?

[Via BGR, leaked 9650]

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  1. rebs

    o m g now its May??!! why does bb torture me!!