QuickCopy – Provides better Copy/Paste functionality on BlackBerry

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QuickCopy fills the gaps that native Copy/Paste feature lags on BlackBerry devices. The utility, once invoked pins a shortcut menu to top right corner of your device giving you quick access to the most common PIM items such as Contacts, Tasks, Memos, Calendar & Email. By way of providing access to PIM items shortcut menu, QuickCopy not only enables you to access information from these PIM items without having to leave the current application you are in, but also for PIM items such as Contacts, Tasks & Memos, QuickCopy organizes data such that it enables you to quickly paste the contents automatically without having you to manually perform Select/Copy/Paste.

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  • Seamless integration with native Email & Calendar applications
  • Enhanced integration with Address Book (Contacts), Tasks & Memo pad providing information as an organized list with the ability to quickly view or paste automatically
  • Simple & Easy to use User Interface with customizable Help Prompts to guide you through the process
  • Customizable Automatic Paste feature with the ability to turn it on/off based on your requirements
  • Customizable QuickCopy shortcut menu allowing you to choose the Menu Items for display
  • Ability to establish Default Contact, for even quicker access to your Contact information from anywhere on the device
  • Intuitive customizable options to control the behavior of the application to meet your specific needs
  • Integration with Third Party Applications:
    For most of the Third Party applications that support Default menu items, you can leverage QuickCopy functionality like for example you can get access to all of your PIM data from within Facebook in case to want to refer to your PIM data or use the automatic paste function without having to manually type or quit the application
  • Quick exchange of data between PIM applications:
    With QuickCopy, you can now quickly create a memo out of an email & vice versa, task out of a memo & vice versa, calendar appointment out of an email and so on using the QuickCopy shortcut menu that provides easy access to any PIM data from within any PIM application as well as the automatic paste feature.
  • Cleanup duplicate contacts from your Address Book:
    Once you are in edit mode in a contact, just invoke QuickCopy to lookup the duplicate contact and use automatic paste feature of QuickCopy to efficiently copy the contact information from the duplicate contact with ease

Compatible Devices

  • All BlackBerry Models

Download: QuickCopy
Price: $ 4.99
Free Trial: Available

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