Quick tip – How to Hide And Unhide Pictures in BlackBerry

BlackBerry Pictures You may come across a situation where you couldn’t find that amazing picture you had before on your BlackBerry media card or you have a feeling that it’s some how missing or you want to hide it for any reason so that it’s not visible when you go into Media folder. You have an option to hide and unhide pictures in BlackBerry OS same way you hide and unhide files and folders in PC. Read on this quick tip to get it done easily.

How to Hide Pictures in BlackBerry

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  1. Open the picture you want to hide
  2. Press the Menu button and select Properties
  3. Select Hidden box
  4. Select Close and you’re done

How to Unhide Pictures in BlackBerry

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  1. Go in to Media folder
  2. Press Menu button and select Explore
  3. Go into your Media Card folder and Press Menu Button
  4. Select Show Hidden
  5. Go into Picture folder and the picture names you see grayed out are hidden
  6. Open the picture you want to unhide, press Menu button, select Properties and uncheck the Hidden box
  7. Select Close and you’re done

Note: When the BlackBerry is connected to PC, you will not see those hidden files and pictures you have on your media card. Basically it works the same way as your windows file system. You can hide – unhide pictures and files you have on BlackBerry media card from Windows PC as well when the BlackBerry is connected to PC.

Other Option

If you are using a large size media card and often need to explore pictures, files or documents, use this free file explorer app called FileScout earlier knows as BBFileScout. This is one of the best must have free app available for BlackBerry which not only works great to explore files and folder but it has many other cool features related to files and folder management.

> > Download FileScout OTA link

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  1. H3L105

    how do you show hidden files on os 5.0? the explore option is not available after the 5.0 upgrade.

  2. blackberryuser

    this is for the curve only, on the bod 9700 there is no explore option. plz get back to me asap thnx.

  3. LolYouLooked

    They should have a app on the phone where you can send the stuff that you don’t want people to see such as pitures and it would have a password. Or maybe like the way sidekicks have secret games. You can assign certain keys for the app to appear and then you have to input a password in case it was a fluke that a person pressed it.

  4. lesego

    Thanks this tip really helped me,

  5. raia

    if you cannot find the explore button that shows at the top on you 5.0 upgrade,
    then just go on to the applications folder,files,file folders,media card,blackberry,pictures, click on the bb button and go to show hidden and it should come up i just did it on my fone….

  6. n2dance

    I’ve followed these steps but when I go to open the pic it states unable to display the file.

  7. mexx

    it works on 9700s upgraded to 5.0 you need to try harder

  8. zambezi

    @ n2dance, after u click on show hidden, then go down to the hidden picture, it would normally be in kind of a fainted mode, then click on it then go to properties then unclick hidden. hope this helps

  9. Jackie

    How do you get the original wallpapers and ringtones that were preloaded on the blackberry torch phone memory back as i have reset and done a security wipe and still cant see them.

  10. mikeb1243

    Thank You for this tip, this thing drived me crazy for a while. Thanks Again.

  11. Canucks2011

    Ive a bb curve 8520, and i was playing around with the pictures folder….trying to hide and password one of my folders (which i cannot find out how to do) when i accidently “hid” a whole folder. i have tried all suggestions above…and i cannot recover that folder. Someone Please help!

  12. aileen

    i followed every step on how to unhide, and everything went well, but when it comes to unchecking the hidden box.. its not working??? what should i do now? I cant recover what ive hade hidden.

  13. tanya

    Thanks lots..It worked.

  14. meimoo

    i did all these steps and its working
    but its nt possible to click on the hidden box
    what should i do!?
    plz reply

  15. Andrea

    I have a blackberry bold 9650 if you go into media then pictures i accidently hide a folder full of pictures. How do I get that folder back?

  16. lee

    For the blackberry curve 9300 (3G) you will have to go to the menu screen, go to applications, click on files then go to media card or wherever you hid the file then click the bb button with the dots and click show hidden (make sure it is ticked)then find the file that has been hidden(the file letters should be in a transparent grey colour) the once you have found it click on it then click the bb button with the dots and go down to properties click on that and then untick hidden and your file should be unhidden.:)

    • Helen

      Thanks lee, this worked perfectly for me.

  17. barnie04

    thanks thanks 🙂

  18. Susan

    Your instructions for unhiding pictures leave out two very important steps. Munish you are an idiot. So is ATT who follows your directions blindly. I spent 5 hours trying to unhide pictures. 2 on my own and 3 with ATT because BB wanted $49 to answer that question when it is BB’s fault that the instructions are incorrect, more specifically whomever Munish is. I finally figured it out at 5:00 am while on the phone with the ATT rep. Needless to say I did not appreciate spending from 12 midnight until 5 am fixing what should have been a 2 minute issue. I believe BB wants to generate income by putting incorrect directions on line. For what we pay for your services, things should operate alot more smoothly, but like alot of other businesses all you want is to make a fast buck. This site stinks.

    • Andy

      Hmmm..Glad to hear your issue got resolved finally. 🙂 I assume those would be very important pictures that kept you awake until 5.00AM. BTW..I understand your frustration, some days are like that!! Take it easy. Cold beer might help!!!

  19. Sunny

    its really works gr8!!!!!
    thanks a lot….

  20. Billy

    The tips really helped. I could unhide the all the other folders except for the “Home” folder on the Device and not the Media Card. I followed the steps but after pressing the Menu button then selecting Properties, the “Home” folder has a tick but its grey indicating that this option cannot be amended. How would one go about in unhiding this folder?

    • Tom

      It looks like it’s not allowed for “Home” folder on device memory. I checked it my device and I was able to hide all except “Home”.

  21. janded

    thanx a bunch…. this tip was helpfull.

  22. Jazz

    Hey man on my curve I did all that but it doesn’t give me an option to to show hidden file. What can I do? I’m use the curve 8520 with OS 5.

  23. V

    My blackberry curve 8310 has a small locked symol next to my pictures…….are they copyrighted and if so how did they get this way?

  24. V

    My blackberry curve 8310 has a small locked symbol next to my pictures…….are they copyrighted and if so how did they get this way?

  25. smash

    i have curve 8520 and i dont see the option explore when i Press Menu

  26. Joseph

    Hi I have a BB torch and Icant open the hide media file app with the password.What I can do for open.

  27. Ak

    Just download the app, it’ll answer all your questions. Solved my issues!

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  29. Stella

    Pls help,i got a BB curve 9300 frm my uncle, but the bbm still has his profile and contact. Also i can set display picture frm media card

  30. jishnu

    Pls help me.my phone is bb torch 9860.I got a mistake in my phone the BB app world deleted.pls help me