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Call it a BlackBerry addiction or necessity, you will find the BlackBerry with me all the time and I am sure it’s the same case with many of the other BlackBerry addicts out there. BlackBerry has replaced many other electronics gadgets which I do not need any more and one of them is the alarm clock. Since the BlackBerry OS comes with one default alarm, like me, you may be looking for premium alarm clock app for BlackBerry to suite your daily schedule and give you alarm in time the way you want. Here are some of the worth looking premium alarm clock apps for BlackBerry for you to check out.

BBSmart Alarms Pro

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BBSmart Alarms Pro is full-featured, powerful multi-alarm application. You can create as many alarms as you want, with an option to choose from four different cool alarm sounds or your own mp3’s to wake you up to. Set snooze times for 1, 2, 5 minutes all the way up to an hour.

This app has many positive reviews from other users. BBSmart Alarm Pro supports all BlackBerry models including touch screen Storm. It’s available at $4.99.

> > More info and download BBSmart Alarms Pro

ZenMinder 2.0 – Multiple Alarms and Reminder

ZenMinder-1 ZenMinder-2

ZenMinder is the newest multi alarm and reminder application for BlackBerry with an user friendly interface. With ZenMinder you can easily set multiple reminders for activities, tasks and other important issues and get reminded by your BlackBerry with a friendly reminder tone. The convenient repeater functionality allows to create recurring reminder that help you establish and maintain new routines and habits.

ZenMinder is supported on all BlackBerry models including OS 5.0 and touchscreen BlackBerry Storm. It is available for $4.99. Free trial is available before you buy.

> > More info and download ZenMinder 2.0

MUX Alarm

Mux Alarm ZenMinder-3

MUX Alarm is developed by MMMOOO software. It’s easy to use, no complex settings with  unlimited alarms. You can also uses tags to easily distinguish different alarms.

It is supported on all BlackBerry models and available for $2.99.

> > More info and download MUX Alarm

The BBSmart Alarms Pro is a good app for your multiple alarms need on your BlackBerry.

There aren’t any good free alarm clock applications available for BlackBerry. The only one available as desktop download supports older operating systems only and is not recommended for newer BlackBerry models.

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