Plazmic 4.7 CDK Update Patch Adds Support for Tour 9630 & Curve 8520


Here you go BlackBerry theme developers, now it’s time for you get in action and release tons of themes for BlackBerry Tour 9630 and Curve 8520. New BlackBerry owners- in couple of hours you will see themes for your device flooded all over the web.

Now the official news: Plazmic has released a new 4.7 CDK update patch which now includes support for the Tour 9630 and Curve 8520. If you already have CDK 4.7 installed then all you need is this released patch to develop themes for these two new devices.

Download The CDK 4.7 Update Patch From Plazmic

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  1. Eric

    I have downloaded the new patch for plazmic 4.7 so that i’m able to creat theme for my 8520, unfortunately after installing the patch file, i started the program i still unable to see any 8520 at the drop down box. I’m really confuss now, maybe i missed any step during the patch? All i did was downloan from the offical website and install, after that i start the program and it was the same as before installing the patch. Help…



  2. BlackBerry Tune

    @Eric, Once the patch is installed, you’ll see two new series #9600 and 8500. It’s pretty straight forward patch. Hard to tell why it won’t show up. Check again if not uninstall entire 4.7 then reinstall 4.7 core and then patch. Good luck. Feel free to drop your theme links if offering for free 🙂