Official OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630 Being Pushed Out By Verizon

Official OS 4-7-1-53  BlackBerry Tour 9630  Verizon

** Update ** This update is not available through Desktop Manager currently. Looks like RIM has pulled it back.

BlackBerry OS for the Tour 9630 was just leaked a few days ago but it looks like Verizon has decided to make it official and is pushing it out through BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Here is a changelog put together by BGR:

  • Improved MMS notifications
  • Improved Visual Voice Mail app
  • Improved sound quality for Bluetooth headsets and voice calls
  • Fixed geo-tagging error in the camera application
  • Fixed an error with DRM music skipping
  • Improved video player
  • Added BlackBerry Messenger update notifications — check for new BBM updates automatically or manually.
  • Fixed an issue with device restarting after activating morning alarm
  • Fixed an issue with memory cleaning and sluggishness
  • The first character is no longer duplicated when dialing from the
    home screen.
  • Your smartphone may not have detected headset removal, causing it to remain connected to a disabled headset.
  • When prompted to add an email account in the Setup Wizard, your smartphone may have jumped to “Bluetooth® Setup,” leaving you unable to navigate back to email setup.
  • If you tried to save changes to a contact that only contained a company name, you may have received the error message “Contact updated externally. Changes will be lost and the view closed.”

This update is only available through BlackBerry Desktop Manager and not through Verizon’s BlackBerry Downloads site.

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