New Winter Theme SnowFlake From HedoneDesign

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People living in UK have seen the record breaking snow already in the beginning of the winter and others living in northern region would have seen some flurries of snow by this time for sure and would be getting ready by taking out snow shoes and shovels. You can get into full winter spirit by downloading this latest SnowFlake theme from HedoneDesign.

This animated SnowFlake theme features beautiful white-blue snowflake background with contemporary simple and sober icon set. As usual you’ll find the exceptional quality visuals and performance in this theme.

The theme is compatible with OS 5.0 and some models of OS 6.0.

The regular price for the theme is $6.99 but you can get 30% OFF by using coupon: snow3492 at checkout. The couple is valid till December 16!

>> More info and download link SnowFlake theme

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    Munish, please contact me on e-mail provided. Thank you!

  2. Abdul

    , i didn’t buy ipad yet since my little siestr has it ,since i know the tricks..wait for the best! so now i’m waiting the next ipad2, before i decide which one’s the best , between PLAYBOOK or iPAD 2 , so when playbook will be on the store???? basically i don’t care about the tag-price either. the most important is suit me and usefull , then i’ll pay it .as long as the quality isnt plastic!