New upcoming BlackBerry Messenger for OS 5.0 devices

New BlackBerry Messenger
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The Boy Genius Report (BGR) leaked the information about upcoming BlackBerry Messenger for OS 5.0 devices. As per the BGR following are the exiciting upgrades in new BlackBerry Messenger.

  • SMS support – Finally getting threaded SMS support.
  • PIN barcode scanning – No need to find your PIN to send and add to other BlackBerry, just scan a barcode from another BlackBerry camera to get the PIN. This is cool 🙂
  • Backup/Restore Messenger list to microSD card —This is going to be huge very convenient feature, especially for people who change devices a lot.
  • Avatar support — This will help personalize your presence in other people’s BlackBerry Messenger same as other IM clients
  • GPS location integration — you can now set permissions so friends can always see your location, have to request it each time, or never can see it.
  • Proximity sensor — I am gonna love this feature and all those users who run into boss- employees or you and hot cheek in the office kind of scenario. As the name of the feature implies I’m guessing this will let you know if you’re within a certain distance of friends (pending, of course, you’re both set to share locations freely with each other).
  • Set conversation subjects — organize conversations to keep track of all communication.

The above new features are very exciting and I am sure it will add more juice to BlackBerry addiction, in fact BBM is very convenient, economic and becoming popular that once used its hard to live without.


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  1. Jacque Chieng

    Please please please update the T105 to either Android 2.1 or 2.2 (preferably 2.2). When I bought mine, two of my work mates went and bought themselves one each but when they found out there were no plans to update them, they returned them. The Best Buy employee they talked to said that most of the ones they sold had been returned to the store. You have a good product, but it almost feels like it was rushed out the door and is getting the red headed step child treatment.


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