New BlackBerry Wall Charger Adapter from RIM

pearl-3g-powerplug2 Instead of shipping wall charger and a data cable separately, RIM has redesigned the wall charger which now includes USB plug where the data cable can be plugged to charge the BlackBerry. This makes sense, as there is no need to carry two cables and now users have less weight to carry while travelling.


As stated by CrackBerry, the new OEM BlackBerry USB power plug is going to replace the standard BlackBerry wall charger that has traditionally shipped with a new BlackBerry device. Instead of shipping a wall charger and also a separate USB cable for syncing, this new design simply utilizes the syncing cable as part of the charger.

RIM will be shipping this new BlackBerry USB power plug with the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G and it will also be available as a standalone accessory for purchase so you can buy extra to keep wherever you go. There is no indication by RIM whether this USB power plug will be shipped with new BlackBerry Bold 9650 and there are no official words on pricing and availability either.

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