Mileage Tracker App for BlackBerry

Mileage Tracker App for BlackBerry

I know specially for sales people who needs to keep track of miles for various trips to claim the expenses from work, this app will surely help to keep the accurate mileage info. Even if you are not in sales but have similar needs to keep track of miles you drive, check out this Mileage Tracker App by Collaber Solutions.

Mileage Tracker App Features

  • Customize the vehicles & other columns by adding or deleting in Preset. 
  • Track the miles for multiple businesses, medical or other.
  • Automatic calculation of the miles travelled in the vehicle using the odometer readings.
  • Modify, add or delete all the preset values.
  • Option of emailing the trips.

The app is supported on all BlackBerry models with OS 4.5 and above. Regular price for the app is $6.99 however it’s on sale for $4.99 until Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Joseph Krimmer

    Hi, This looks like a neat app, however i prefer Vezma as i find them easy to use and loaded with features that i require. No only is their real time location sharing accurate but they also support all major mobile operating system which is a huge plus. Of course, they also support expense/mileage tracking. You can check em out at Hope you find the application useful.