Make Cheap International Calls with MO-Call BlackBerry App

blackberry-mo-call Most BlackBerry users either use some sort of calling cards or pay hefty charges to carriers for making international calls from BlackBerry. Same thing apply while roaming. Well, you have now MO-Call BlackBerry App as other solution to look at for cost saving international calls. The app also lets you send text messages anywhere in the world at low cost. The Morodo Limited, company behind the app is already supporting more than 1800 mobile phones.

The way it works, when you launch the app in the BlackBerry, it will re-route calls through a different number and use credits that you purchase at their site. It will also use their gateway to send text messages from the app.

The calling rates seem pretty competitive. It is charged on per/minute rate for voice calls and text messages are charged when confirmed as delivered. Check out their calling rates for different countries here.

The BlackBerry App is supported on all models including touch screen BlackBerry Storm.

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    But black berry is too expensive to efford anyhow i am appreciating your efforts.keep it up!