Lock Any BlackBerry App with App Locker

BlackBerry is known for it’s security features and with the main device password you can protect your BlackBerry data and personal information from complete strangers or when it’s lost or stolen, however there may be a situations where you want to just block the usage of specific app(s) on your BlackBerry, be it BlackBerry native apps or any third party app – the “App Locker” will come handy to achieve this functionality.

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App Locker is a security application that provides a feature to lock any Build-In or Third Party application. Besides that, it also enables you to hide your files to protect your privacy.

With App Locker, all of your applications that include Facebook, BBM, Message, and or any build-in and third party application can be locked.

Moreover, you are able to hide any folder, picture, movie or song in your BlackBerry device to prevent unauthorized access.

To make you more convenient, App Locker is designed with 3 Lock Options for you to select which lock option suits you. It includes Lock Immediately, Lock After Backlight Off and Lock After Device Lock.

App Locker Full Features:
1) Lock any Build In or Third Party application on your device automatically.
2) Allow you to hide folders, images, movies or songs to protect your privacy.
3) Automatically Lock/Protect your BlackBerry applications even after restart.
4) Disable/Enable feature is available.
4) Keep your privacy and security.
5) High level password protection.
6) User friendly

The App Locker is priced at $4.99 however it’s on 40% sale for a limited time and you can get it from App Store for $2.99.

>> More info/download App Locker for BlackBerry

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