Learn How to Develop BlackBerry Games

There is a lot of potential for good BlackBerry Games and if you are looking forward to develop Java based games for BlackBerry platform, this book “Learn BlackBerry Games Development” will surely add some value in the process. The authors Carol Hamer and Andrew Davison have years of programming and game development experience and both are Ph.Ds.


The book hasn’t received more reviews so far from the buyers but you can still check out the contents before buying the paper copy. I haven’t had a chance to keep myself updated with Java after I did my Sun certification in J2SE years ago, however from my limited exposure with J2ME what I can say is the contents of the book will surely help in understanding the concepts.

The book promises to teach you:

  • How to build a custom user interface with your game’s theme
  • How to take your graphics to the next level with SVG and OpenGL ES
  • How to boogie on down with a MMAPI music player
  • How to optimize your games with BlackBerry-specific APIs and tools
  • How to program games for any BlackBerry device, from the earliest Java-enabled smartphones to models that run the latest BlackBerry 5 operating system
  • How to build games for two players or the whole world with GPS, SMS, and the Internet
  • How to create space adventures that may confound your mind with their awesomeness.
  • How to drive a toy sports car from your BlackBerry using Bluetooth and USB
  • How to sell your game on BlackBerry App World and beyond

The book is available on Amazon for $31.49. Let us know your feedback in the comments if you pick up this book.

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