Install BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 via Desktop Manager

For those, who do not have browsing data plan and using the BlackBerry Messenger on Personal Email or Email only data plan, this files may help you upgrade your existing BlackBerry Messenger. If you are using the BlackBerry device software 4.5+ and have the previous version of BlackBerry Messenger then you should get the prompt to upgrade but if that is timing out in the browser or not going through try following alx/cod files and install it through BlackBerry Desktop Manger.

If you are already using the leaked version of BBM 5.0 then you may have to delete it first from Option-Advanced Options-Applications-BBM5.0-Menu-Delete.

After installing, you may find the BBM icon missing but you do see the BBM installed in Options-Advanced Options-Applications list. In this case, you may want to delete the BBM 5.0 and install it again. You may have to do this couple of times to get it right.

The easiest way is to have the browsing data plan and download it from or through App World.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you take the Back Up first before installing. If you have the leaked BBM 5.0 version then take the Back Up of all user data and BBM 5.0 contacts. 

Download: BBM 5.0 Alx/Cod files via Megaupload

If you are able to upgrade the BlackBerry Messenger through above files, then kindly leave your device model and OS version in the comment below.

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  1. Elisa

    8310 -OS 4.5.81. I had to delete-install 3 times and finally it worked. Thanks for the files.

  2. Adriana

    8900 – OS
    I had the exact same problem with the bbm icon missing after 5.0 upgrade. Your files didn’t work at first but i was able to ask my provider to reinstall the OS for me which took me back to bbm 4.6 but THEN i used your files through DM and it worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

    • Stacy

      I can’t seem to figure out how to use those files I downloaded to install the new BBM through Desktop Manager (the alx/cod files) can you explain…

  3. Varun Advani

    worked like charm thanks sooo much !!!

  4. piter

    i have bb bold 9000 n my bbm is gone, i dont know why…..

    can u help me, how to get bbm back to my bb???

  5. Manuel

    Thaaaank you very much! I’ve been looking for this for a while! It worked perfect for a 8310 with OS

  6. Anuj

    I have bb 8520.. i cant see blackberry app world and blackberry messenger ..
    pls help me to get my bbm back