In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) App for BlackBerry

In Case of Emergency I C E App for BlackBerry

When you can’t give rescue personnel your vital, medical information, this In Case of Emergency a.k.a. I.C.E. App for BlackBerry kicks in with everything paramedics need. As described in the App feature, this simple app has saved lives and it could save yours in case of emergency, providing EMTs with critical personal and medical data: your name, who to contact, important notification telephone numbers, blood type, allergies, your physician’s name and number, the meds you take, existing medical conditions – even the name of your health insurer, so you get the medical attention you need now. No delays.

Ideal for seniors and their families, folks with existing medical conditions, patients taking serious meds and all of us who drive, or simply cross the street each day. With JaredCo’s Blackberry I.C.E., even if you or a loved one is unconscious, rescuers have all the information they need at the touch of an icon.

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  • One-touch, simple-to-access interface (all your data at a touch)
  • Special emergency, red cross icon identifies where data is stored
  • It’s quick to load when you and the EMTs need it. It’s an EMERGENCY! Seconds count!
  • Downloadable wallet-sized PDF informs medics that I.C.E. is loaded on your Blackberry
  • Easily update medical and contact information with a click
  • All future upgrades available free

Emergencies can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, so why chance it? Give medics and rescue personnel ALL the information they need, even when you can’t.

The I.C.E. App is compatible will all BlackBerry models and priced at $3.95.

BlackBerry Storm users will have to disable compatibility mode in Options->Advanced Options->Applications->Highlight EmergencyInfo -> Menu -> Disable Compatibility Mode.

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  1. Duncan Leung

    This sounds like a good common-sense app. Hopefully the user will be able to reach for their BBerry and get this app loaded up before they pass-out because I don’t think paramedics will be looking through their personal items and applications at the time of an emergency.

    • Tom_24

      You have a point. I do agree with you, in those life threatening emergency, chances are very less that paramedics will guess 1)This patient is using BlackBerry 2)He has this App loaded

  2. paramedic426

    Actually i am a paramedic and we do look for bracelets or necklaces that contain medical info, if the patient doesn´t have any of those, wee look in his/her wallet for their insurance card or any other ID that can tell us his name, age, allergies, pre-existing medical conditions and an emergency contact, we only check cellphones in extreme situations and we do it to call someone like “mom” or “dad” or someone in his speed-dialing.
    So in conclution if you really want to help paramedics in case of an emergency, wear a bracelet or a necklace that contain the avobe info, also its very helpful to print a card with this info. and carrie it in your wallet in a visible place…