Improved BIS Email Setup, Signatures and Filters with BlackBerry Device Software 5.0


There are tons of new and exciting features introduced with BlackBerry Device Software aka OS 5.0. One of them is the enhancement made in the BIS set up and creating Email Signatures and Filters right from the device.  If you do not have OS 5.0 on your BlackBerry and would like to see it live check the Storm2 Emulator at Verizon site which is running OS

Improved BIS E-mail Setup

Email-Settings-1 Email-Settings-OS-5-0

An improved email settings wizard is included with BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0 that works with the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). The application provides an improved user interface for integrating email accounts and configuring settings for email accounts. The enhanced BIS E-mail setup allows to quickly setup popular e-mails through a local Java application versus a browser-based setup. These popular mail service providers are Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and Windows Live.

E-mail Signature & Filters

After you have added an email account in either the Setup Wizard or Email Settings applications, you can set up filters and filter options for the email account.

Filters-BIS-1 Filters-BIS-2


Below are some of the useful Knowledgebase articles for more info.

KB16382 – Setting up filters for an email account
KB16384 – Deleting an email account
KB16383 – Resending service books for an email account
KB18258 – How to create a user name and password for your BlackBerry Internet Service account
KB16385 – Editing email account settings

So, keeping these upgrades in mind, do you consider upgrading your older BlackBerry model with Storm2 or 9700?

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