How to turn off Data Services on BlackBerry Smartphone

Are you planning to take your BlackBerry with you on this summer vacation to other country and do not want to incur roaming data charges? If yes, then you can control this feature right from your BlackBerry device. (Most BlackBerry device has this option – may not be available in devices with older operating systems)

Depending on wireless data plan you have on your BlackBerry smartphone, you can turn off data services on the BlackBerry, such as email, PIN and BlackBerry Messenger messages and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messaging, browsing, GPS maps or any other third party app which uses mobile data from wireless carrier.

When data services are turned off, only the phone and Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging services are available on the BlackBerry smartphone. So you will still able to make/receive calls and send/receive text messages(SMS) while data services are turned off.

BlackBerry Bold 9000

To turn off data services on a Blackberry smartphone:

  1. From the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, select Options > Mobile Network.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To turn off data service, change the Data Services field to Off.
    • To turn off data service when roaming, change the Data Services field to Off When Roaming.
  3. Press the Menu key.
  4. Click Save.

Instead of Step 1 above, you can also go to Manage Connections Icon on your BlackBerry and then Mobile Network Options to get the same screen you get in Step 2.
In some models you may not get the options mentioned in step 3 and step 4 to Save, but its OK, just go back and it will be saved by itself.

How to make sure it’s turned OFF

You have multiple ways to check and test it.

  • If you have GSM phone then you will see the network status changed from EDGE to edge or 3G to 3g (lower case)
  • Go back to above options and make sure Data Services is set to Off or Off When Roaming
  • Send your self a PIN message and test

Let us know in the comments if you have any difficulty setting up above feature.

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12 Comments & Trackbacks
  1. Mel

    i did as you said but my phone still says 3G, not 3g

    • Mike

      Take the Battery out, put it back in after 5 seconds and try again.

      • Angela

        I did it too, and its still saying 3G even after taking the battery out and putting it back in numerous times.

        I’m just really frustrated now…

        • Mike

          When you select “Off” in Data Services, it should change 3G to 3g. Let me know what device and OS you are running, if problem persist.

        • Dan

          Actually, the 3G does not change to 3g but the blackberry icon (the 4 dots just right of the text 3G) will disappear when the data services is off. I tested it and it worked.

  2. Amy

    If I buy an unlocked Blackberry Pearl 8120 off Ebay and use my SIM card (from a previous phone) and turn off data services as discussed here, will I be able to use the phone for calls and texting without paying my providers’ data plan monthly fee?

    Would I be able to browse the internet using WIFI without the monthly data plan fee?

    • Alton

      For making/receiving calls and texting data plan is not required and will work even if you have turned OFF Data Services.

      To use Wi-Fi you will have to turn ON Data Services and again you do not need data plan to browse on Wi-Fi.

  3. matt h

    i have turned off data services as i dont want to pay blackberry more money per month. how do i then use the wi-fi to search internet and get mail? as its all set as wifi on, account found and paired. data services turned off. anyone any ideas how to get around the issue as i just keep getting errors on the system now saying internet connection error. manyt thanks in anticipation

    • Alton

      To browse on Wi-Fi and BlackBerry to do any data transfer, you have to keep the “Data Services” turned ON.

      If you want to be safe, or have the peace of mind about not getting charged from your wireless service provider for using their data plan, then turn OFF the “Mobile Network”. (Keep in mind – you will not be able to make/receive calls, send receive text messages. The BBM and Emails will be OK). This is the only way.

      I hope this helps.

      • Gonçalo

        It would be nice to have this available. When I am outside my country and want to see my e-mail/internet under a wifi connection and not receive all the e-mails throw the data plan and pay a fortune for the roaming.

        But your suggestion is not bad, it solves the situation in a “hard” way, but at least i don’t have to pay for roaming.

        Thank you

  4. Niocla

    if i turn off the BB data plan, will i still have to pay extra per month?


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