How to Set up Gmail account integrated on BIS to use Enhanced Gmail Plug-in

If you have Gmail set up on your BlackBerry smartphone then you can get more features by installing this recently introduced Enhanced Gmail Plug-in. This guide will help you set up enhanced Gmail plug-for emails integrated via BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). If you are getting emails through BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), then you need to get in touch with your BES Admin to get it to work.


Following are the new features introduced with Enhanced Gmail Plug-in

  • Add and remove labels and stars on email messages
  • Report spam email messages
  • Perform local and remote searches
  • Archive email messages
  • View related email messages as a single conversation (threaded view)

Setting up Enhanced Gmail Plug-in is very simple, just follow these steps.

Step–1: Make Sure IMAP access is Enabled



Login into your Gmail Account on your PC Browser and go to SettingsForwarding and POP/IMAP and enable IMAP if it’s not enabled.

Step-2: Delete existing Gmail a/c from BIS and re-add it


If you already have Gmail a/c integrated on your BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), then you need to first delete that and re-add it again. Before you delete your existing Gmail account, you may want to copy-paste your existing email signature (if you have your own) to a text file so you do not have to type it again. If you have any email filters added to your Gmail a/c, then you may want to note it down as you will have to redo those again.

Step-3: Download and Install Enhanced Gmail Plug-in


After you add your Gmail a/c again, you will get one activation email (depending on your wireless carrier) and second email to download Enhanced Gmail Plug-in. Click on the download link in the email and install the Plug-in. You can also visit on your BlackBerry Browser to download it.

That’s it. You are all set now. Just visit the Gmail Message icon on your BlackBerry, accept terms and send yourself couple of test emails. Leave comments if you find any difficulty following above steps.

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  1. D Dunkan

    This Plugin is must have, if you’re using Gmail on BlackBerry I guess.

  2. Chi

    I deleted my gmail account and readded it. I got the activation email but no email for downloading the enchanced gmail, so I downloaded it from I have it installed but I don’t see the icon or have any of the enhanced options. Any ideas? thanks!

    • Paul

      Do a battery pull, and from your BIS email account “Resend Servicebooks”.

      • Chi

        Unfortuently this still didn’t work. I pulled the battery and resent the service books (getting an activation email again). I’ve also tried to delete and re-add the account, re-installing the plug-in, and rebooting several times. Nothing seems to work. I have the plug-in installed under my add-on applications, I have the mailbox but with no enhanced gmail options. Seems strange, thanks again for any help! 🙂

        • Paul

          Now I’ll have to ask some basic questions again to dig up more if I’ve missed something.

          – Let me know the BlackBerry model/ OS you are using.
          – Did it worked before by any chance and then stopped working?
          – Also I believe you have BIS data plan.
          – The Gmail a/c you’re using has IMAP forwarding enabled.
          – Your Gmail a/c is the regular/ consumer one. ie., not the Gmail Apps account associated with any domain.
          – Can you create any new test Gmail a/c and try to add it in BlackBerry and see what happens?

  3. Jamike

    Could you help me setup mine? I can’t get it to work… I tried removing the account and the gmail plugin app, then doing a battery pull, readding the gmail account, re-installing the plugin, still nothing.. Resent service books, still nothing. Simply no extra Gmail options appear in the inbox menu. And yes, I am using the gmail inbox, not the general messages inbox. Any ideas?

    To provide more info, I am on BES, BB 9700, IMAP is active, and have a general … address. I am receiving my gmail messages just fine, just can’t get the plugin to work…

    • Munish

      Other than that, I do not see any other troubleshooting steps left.

      Chances are it might be related to BES. Are there any other users in your workplace, able to use it? It’s also a good idea to speak with your BES admin and see if any IT policy is blocking it.

      • Jamike

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, there are other at my company who use the plugin, which makes me thinks BES is not the problem. I might try to call T-Mobile to see if they can help me with this…

        • Munish

          If you’re comfortable reinstalling the OS, that is the only thing left. It may/ may not help. If you’re comfortable reinstalling the OS, give it a shot if not personally I’ll not suggest it just because Gmail plug-in is not working.

          You’ll have to re-register again on BES to get your work emails after OS reload. Do back up your data before OS reload.


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