How to resolve Most BlackBerry device problems?

BlackBerry Battery-Pull

Simple & easy way: Take the battery out while the BlackBerry is ON, wait for 2 seconds, put the battery back on. BlackBerry will turn on by itself and that’s it !! πŸ™‚ Your device problem is resolved. Most BlackBerry device problems can be resolved by this way. This process is also known as hard reset, power cycle or battery pull.

Short-cut: On full QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry device like Curve, Bold, 88xx series – Press and Hold ALT, Right Shift and Del Key

Third Party App:

screenshot_1 screenshot_2

Download Free QuickPull app from BlackBerry Mobihand site and it will do with a click of a trackball. You can also schedule QuickPull and it will just do it at that time.

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  1. Kelly

    Just came across KB article KB02794 on a BlackBerry site which indicates the Reasons to perform a hard reset on a BlackBerry smartphone

  2. Jeevanandham

    The service provider in Ethiopia, Ethio – Telecom states the APN settings are the following:
    APN :
    User: (blank)
    Password: (blank)

    However, this does not seem to work on BlackBerry 9810. Anyone with the correct data, please post it. There seem to be too many hapless guys out here!

  3. derrick rose

    help me pls. what is the setting for my blackberry vpn settings ?? thanks