How to install themes on a BlackBerry device – A simple guide

Theme plays very vital role on BlackBerry device to give you the user interface, look and style of your choice. In this simple guide you will find how to change active theme, install new themes and delete themes from your BlackBerry.

How to change active theme on BlackBerry device:

  1. Go to device Options and click Theme
  2. You will find themes which are installed click with trackball the theme you would like to activate and it’s done!

It may take some time to load new theme, but be patient and you will see a new look on your screen. Enjoy new theme!

Install new themes on BlackBerry device:

There are two ways to install themes on BlackBerry device.

1. Over the Air (OTA) installation
2. Through Desktop Manager

1. Over the Air (OTA) installation:

Most of the themes are available to download and install this way. If you are able to browse Internet on your BlackBerry then this is very simple and easy way to install themes on BlackBerry. (Needless to say – If you use data-plan to download theme it will count on your data-usage)

Step –1 – Get the .jad link to BlackBerry device browser and click on it

You will find OTA download link ending with .jad. (In some cases if developer has scripted the link then you may not see the .jad file extension at the end, but it’s still OK)

– Copy the link and send it to your email on BlackBerry so you do not have to type the long URL on BlackBerry browser
–  Send the link to via PIN to your device for Free through Web2Pin. Just copy the entire link, paste it in the box, enter your PIN and send it to your device. Once you receive the link on your device. Click on it and browser should open on your blackberry.
– Type the entire correct link to your device browser (It’s tedious if you mistyped..No way.. !!)

Step – 2 –Download and Install
How to install theme to BlackBerry via OTA
You will now see a screen containing theme’s details with a choice to either “Set application permissions,” “Download,” or “Cancel” . Click on Download and it’s done. If it prompts to restart the BlackBerry then go for it. 

2. Through Desktop Manager

If you do not want to use your wireless data-plan to download themes and you have access to theme’s full download files (zip file – .COD and .ALX files inside) this is a better option.

Step – 1 – Download the theme file to your desktop, save the file (usually a .zip file) and unzip it to your desktop.

Step – 2 – Connect your BlackBerry to your computer via the USB cable and start Desktop Manager

Step – 3 – Click on Application Loader

Step – 4 – Click on Add/Remove Applications “Start” on the left hand side

Step – 5 – Click on Browse, new window will open up and select the unzipped .ALX  file in Step 1 and click openHow to install theme on BlackBerry via Desktop Manager

Step – 6 – You will now return to the Application Loader screen with your theme selected with check mark. Click next.

Step – 7 – You will see Summery  on the screen and it should show you that you are adding/ updating only that theme. Click finish.

Step – 8 – Once you see the Update Complete on the screen you’re done!  You can now close Desktop Manager and disconnect your BlackBerry from the computer.

Delete themes from BlackBerry device:

Step-1 Go to device Options, click Advanced Options > Applications.

Step-2 Highlight the application you want to delete.

Step-3 Press the Menu button, then click Delete.

Step-4 Restart the BlackBerry smartphone if prompted.

I hope you will find this guide helpful. Which way do you install themes on your BlackBerry- OTA or via Desktop Manager?

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  1. Thomas

    Thanks. Very helpful.

  2. ryan conlon

    that really help. now i know how to delete themes

  3. Yemi

    This was really helpful. thanks! and my theme looks very nice. <3

  4. Hamid

    Hi, After I installed a theme, the keypad is locked. to unlocked, it asked the PIN code? how to find the PIN code? thanks

    • Mike

      Does it tell you how many attempts left?

      Hard to tell without seeing it. I am not sure, if it’s a device password you have set on BlackBerry. It could be SIM security PIN as well if you have that set before.

      For the installing and activating themes, there are no PIN/ security involved.

      • Hamid

        Yope, Mike, you are right, this is just SIM security PIN….Problemm was solved…thank you so much….

  5. Angela

    Hey Mike..i have downloaded the theme thru DM. i do have those in the applications but wat should the settings be for them? allow, custom, etc. When i click on options, theme, i cant see the theme in there? please help me!!!

    • Munish

      If you don’t see the theme you’ve installed there, that means the theme is not compatible with the BlackBerrry OS you are running. You’ll need the theme compatible with your BlackBerry OS. You can check your BlackBerry OS from Options-Status-3rd line is your OS.


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