How to stop receiving Work Emails (BES) on a BlackBerry

Recently I have been asked this question many times. “ Is there any setting on a BlackBerry device itself to stop receiving Enterprise emails (BES) temporarily?”

“ I am on holidays and do not want to receive any work email (BlackBerry Enterprise Server – BES) what so ever during this time however I want to keep the enterprise contacts and calendar updates still active. I also want to keep my personal emails as is and want to keep using the phone, text and all third party apps. I also should be able to enable it easily. Is there any easy way to achieve this?”

Yes. There are two ways you can achieve this convenience of staying away from work emails.

1. Firewall Settings (Easy Way)

2. Delete the Service Book (Easy but not that great option)

Option-1: Enable the Firewall to block Enterprise Email


Go to Options > Security > Firewall and select “Enterprise Email” to block incoming emails via BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Note: If you use the firewall on your BlackBerry smartphone, blocked messages might still contribute to data usage in your wireless service plan.

Option-2: Delete the Desktop [CICAL] Service Book


If by any chance you are not able to enable firewall (in case if it’s blocked by IT policy from the BES) then this options-2 should work for you. For BlackBerry OS 6.x > Go to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Service Book > Scroll to Desktop [CICAL] > Press Menu button > Delete

For BlackBerry OS 5.x > Go to Options > Advanced Options > Service Book

Once you delete this service book, you’ll notice that “Message” icon for your work email will disappear from your BlackBerry home screen. Also, if this email was set as “Default Services” for Messaging (CMIME) then it will fall back to other email address if you have one available, may be your personal email.


You can see/change your BlackBerry Default Services from Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Default Services in BlackBerry OS 6.x.


You can “Undelete” the service book and bring back the Desktop [CICAL]. You’ll notice the “email message” icon will re-appear on your home screen. Send the test email to confirm you’re getting those on your BlackBerry.

Important: Note that you will not receive the missed emails back on your device from the time you deleted the service book to the moment you undeleted the service book. You’ll start receiving emails from the time you’ve restored the CMIME service book.

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