How to browse internet on Blackberry using Wi-Fi without data plan?

You can browse internet on Wi-Fi capable Blackberry devices through your wireless Internet router at home, office or at any Hotspot location and you do not need to have a data plan on your account. There are no additional charges involved when using only Wi-Fi. It is absolutely free.

Following is the step by step detailed guide on setting up Wi-Fi connection, browsing and managing Wi-Fi connections profile on your Blackberry.


  • Wi-Fi capable Blackberry device. (BlackBerry Bold 9000, Pear Flip 8220, Pearl 8120,  Curve 8900, Curve 8320 and 8820)
  • Access to Wi-Fi coverage area


  1. Connect to Wi-Fi network
  2. Change the default browser
  3. Browse Internet
  4. Wi-Fi profile settings (Optional)

A. Connect to Wi-Fi network

  1. Press Menu button and click on Set Up then click on Set Up Wi-Fi (Some options may be different depending on the model of Blackberry and version of operating system. But needs to go in Set up Wi-Fi option)
  2. Click on Manage Connections and then scroll down and click on Set Up Wi-Fi Network
  3. Click Next and then click on Scan for Networks 90001
  4. If your Wi-Fi radio is OFF then it will prompt to Turn Wi-Fi on, Click on Turn Wi-Fi on and it will search for available Wi-Fi networks and will show the list of available Wi-Fi networks
  5. Click on your Wi-Fi network, you want to connect to. If that Wi-Fi has WEP encryption set then it will prompt you to add Network Key. Follow the prompts and later you will see Connection Successful and if you want to save it as Profile. Follow the prompts and click on Finish. That’s it. You are now connected to Wi-Fi. On your BlackBerry Home screen you will see your Wi-Fi network name besides your Wireless Carrier’s Name.

B. Change the default browser

  1. Click on Browser icon
  2. Press Menu button
  3. Click on Options
  4. Click on General Properties
  5. The first option is Default Browser change it to HotSpot Browser9000
  6. Press Menu key
  7. Click on Save Options

C. Browse Internet

Go back to browser and browse unlimited Internet without using your data plan. Just to make sure you are not using your data, turn off the Mobile Network from the Manage Connections and test, you will still be able to browse but you will not get any phone call/ Text. 9000-01

D. Wi-Fi profile settings (Optional)

Optionally, if you have multiple Wi-Fi profiles set on your BlackBerry then you can change the order how Wi-Fi connections are made and also change the Wi-Fi selection mode from automatic to manual.

Please leave comments if you see any discrepancy or have any difficulty following steps.

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  1. Ekerette

    Hello. Thanks so much for this thread. But, my problem is that I have a blackberry subscription for this month which I want to use on my pc, through the tethering thingy. Is it possible, and how do I do it?

  2. minal

    i m unable to connect internet on my blackberry, even on my mobile network. how to do this ..

  3. get router ip

    Nice write-up, but this doesn’t always appear to work together with my router ip address, any helpful hints?

  4. raheem

    thanks.. it’s realy very helpful

  5. Nathan Millar

    How do you change the wifi selection mode automatic or manual? Thanks

  6. olutoye orishabiyi

    Pls, I need a wifi network for my blackberry bold 9000 to enable me browse effectively, I need it soonest

  7. Jitendra

    After follwoing avobe steps, I am geting this error
    “Unable to find requested server.” while trying to access any site.

    Please suggest How to resolve this problem?

    • David

      Just one more thing I had to do after following the steps in this article to make it work. I had to type directly in the main browser page the web page I wanted to go to. Don’t select the page from your bookmarks or history records. I’m guessing bookmarks created it while browsing on data plan get configured to always get access this way. By the way my phone is a bold 9000.

  8. Munish

    Guys, Please visit the older comments and I am sure you’ll find the answer to the most of your problems.

  9. ankit

    After follwoing avobe steps, I am geting this error
    “Unable to find requested server.” while trying to access any site.

    Please suggest How to resolve this problem?

  10. tim d

    I dont have the AT&T internet plan, but i do have wifi can I still get apps?

  11. ac


  12. guy

    doesn’t work on torch?
    instructions for torch

  13. Randy

    Hi everybody! I’ve read ALL the older comments and still my problem hasn’t been solved. I’ve had a Blackberry Bold 9000 for a few months now. I’m located in Belgium, Europe and we do not have a Blackberry-shop here. My problem is that every time I try to connect to Wi-Fi,, the little case gets a little “checked” for 1 second and then it turns off. So actually what I’m trying to say is: I can’t connect to wi-fi. And when I go to “Set Up Wi-Fi Network” & I scan for networks,, it tells me: UNABLE TO TURN WI-FI ON.
    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you all!

    • Munish

      @Randy, For this situation, either it could be a hardware issue or OS related problem. Back up and try OS reload and see if that helps. Else I do not see any thing else in terms of troubleshooting this type of issue.

  14. Claire

    Hi – I am defeated at the moment!!
    I have a bold 9780 – Wi-Fi is connected but I am unable to select the hotspot browser.. I open the browser, menu – options … (Screen – says.. Browser Options: General) but there is no option to set preference to hotspot etc – PLEASE HELP!! the 1st option I see is “Startup page” and there is nothing else in the menu to select “Default browser”.. I have been searching the forums for days and I am now feeling very defeated by this..

    • Yousef

      I’ve the same problem with the same BB 9870.
      When I switch off my mobile network and keep my WiFi network, I can browse Internet using my WiFi, BUT Data Services should be ENABLED.
      Still, I can’t access chat services.
      I’ve the latest OS V6.0 Bundle 1306

  15. Lou

    Just to say ‘thanks!’ Munish – worked like a charm. That snippet about changing the browser made it happen.

  16. BDOS

    thank you

  17. joginder

    hi i am new to using bb9780 i have internet at home and i am unable to browse internet while using wifi its asking contact your service provider and have no data plan. what can i do i purchased mobile just 2 days before.
    please help me

  18. internet time server windows

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  19. kavya


    i just baught a blackberry in a fit of things, was so disappointed with the device, it was not working at all without a data plan,
    i was about to kick it off for a dirt cheap price.

    ur article saved me a lot of money

  20. ally

    this helped me thank you, but it says that it is unable to connect to the internet, please try again later. can you help me with that?

  21. neer

    thanks munish , i was facing problem but after reading your suggestions really it shutout my problem thanks buddy.

  22. ZILA

    i have tried every stuff but still is telling unable to connect to the internet,please try again later.

  23. Jan

    Hi! i have a bb9700. previously may wifi is doing well but yesterday i wonder why i cant connect to the internet. it says a problem occurred while trying to render the page. i am connected to wifi but i cannot use it.thanks

  24. Mahmoud

    Thanks Munish, how about OS 7 in BB 9900. I face the same problem.

  25. Mahmoud

    Thanks Munish, how about OS 7? I have the same problem but this solution is not applicable in OS 7. Could you please help?

  26. mahabad72

    hi i did exactly as in this tutorial i am connected to wifi and now shoing on my blackberry 8520 curve but can not access the internet i been searching in googles after more the 8 hours did not find any way to sort it out any idea

    • Munish

      Delete the saved Wi-Fi profile, Set up again and try. Make sure you haven’t missed changing the default browser to Hot-Spot browser.

  27. lila

    that’s great but my problem is wen i go out and i do not have any wifi connection internet start working from my sim card even am not using the internet and i lost money directly from my simcard what should i do to stop internet working from my simcard when am out

    • Munish

      Those data usage from your SIM card might be the Third-party apps using the data plan. Make sure your browser is set to Hot-Spot browser. Other than that hard to control the data usage from carrier.

  28. Jong

    Worked for me.

  29. Amal Rox

    i like 🙂 thxx

  30. ashwax89

    I have a verizon BBCurve, and my service is shut off at the moment due to unemployment… Is there still a way for the internet browser to work when there is no service plan activated?

  31. william

    sadly my wifi does not want to work on my BB8520… 1st under manage connections my mobile network is switched on and there is a green tick my wifi is turned on with my routers name next to wifi but there is no green tick. 2nd under wifi options my router is a saved profile and is connected. 3rd under option>advance options>TCP/IP there is no information and no ticks. 4th under options>advance options>Browser my default browser configuration : hot spot browser … my default MDS browser configuration: Internet browser … my default wap browser configurations : 02 Active …. and it does not want to connect to the Internet neither bbm nor Facebook frankly i do not know what else to do can some one please help asap!!! (info at the back of the phone says wifi BT)

    • Tom

      Were you able to browse on Wi-Fi anytime before by any chance? I would suggest deleting the saved wi-fi profiles and then setting it up from scratch. It’s a good idea to test this BlackBerry on other open Wi-Fi connections.

  32. slackerhacker

    I am able to browse using wifi connections, however since I upgraded my handset to a newer bold i am unable to browse pages for my carrier over wifi (complains that radio must be on). Annoying but not serious.
    I also notice junk bookmarks for my carrier which have been pushed/injected and can’t be deleted afaik (and these, equally, cannot be browsed via wifi and give same error!).
    Anybody know if this can be fixed? I am thinking about trying bolt browser

  33. Mohamed

    Last night, my battery was dead WIFI was on my bold 9000
    After loading I tried to access the Internet, but when
    i check wifi, I have not any connection, and can not open the wifi:
    unable to turn wifi on
    status : the wifi radio is not on
    anyway thx

  34. mohamed

    Last night, my battery was dead WIFI was on my bold 9000
    After loading I tried to access the Internet, but when
    i check wifi, I have not any connection, and can not open the wifi:
    the wi-fi radio is not on
    anyway thx

  35. ims

    my blackberry 8520 does not connect to the internet because my wifi cannot connect. I went to the Manage connection and turned on my wifi but after it, the Wi-Fi hotspot login doesn’t appear. When I opened the wifi diagnostics, i saw that the connection of the Blackberry infrastracture is in error. I’m totally frustrated 🙁 what can I do to solve this problem? THANK YOU SO MUCH

  36. himanshu

    thanx, working n very useful.
    do u hv any idea, hw to use facebook app using wifi without data plan?

  37. Xtine

    Hi Munish i have BB8320 – i was able to connect to any wifi networks, it shows connected, chose hotspot browser, turned off mobile network but im still getting unable to connect to the internet, I dunno what else should I check? thanks.

  38. Rehan

    hi i have bb curve 8520 and its working properlyy but now a days i have a problem with its wifi browser when i just connect it with wifi its connect properly but when i open my wifi hotspot browser internet does not work the msg appears ” unable to connect to the internet, please try again later. if the problem persists please contact your service providers.

    could you pls hel me out i am daaaam stuck

  39. glenn costilals

    i want to used my mobile sim-card for using my blackberry 8520 plssss.. help me on this problem..mostly i was on travel site to another job site but mostly my work site theirs no wi-fi connection that’s why am asking regarding on this matter.

  40. Ren

    do i need to turn of my mobile network everytime i use wifi so that i wont be charged by my service provider?

  41. Jerry

    Hello, I have a BB 9700, I don´t have a data plan but bbm is working. Everything was working perfectly until the day that I conected in to a hotspot. Since that day, as soon I get home it recognizes my home internet, however, it doesn’t alow me to conect to internet. I already tried to swich but at my menu only apears the hotspot option! I don’t know what to do more! If anyone can help me, I will really appreciate! Thanks.

  42. Vincent

    How can i use internet service on my bold 9700 without wifi but data plan only?

  43. Emil

    I use a blackberry torch and one curve since last 2 years. What is sure is BB phones really sucks when it comes to internet browsing over WI-FI connections. RIM does not have a proper technical support and people just advise each other on internet forums. This again sucks, dear RIM. Not wondering why now they are on thin ice. If a service like bbm was offered by any of big players on the market, RIM was history by now.

  44. Adil

    can I do the steps on blacbberry torch 9800 to use the wifi and not being charged. Becausie I am having the same problem. I tried my level best to turn the data plan off but nothing works. I am not using any data plan from STC.

  45. yagnik

    hello..i have blackberry curve 8520…..i connect my phone ti wifi,i also change my browser to hotspot browser…but i get msg that unable to find requested server…what can i do for that??? data plan is required for that????plz helpme and give reply……

  46. vinay


    I am using BB Curve 9220 , I have connected to WiFi successfully but while going to browser , I am not getting any option like default browser to change it to hotspot browser

    • Emam

      Hi Vinay,

      I have the same prob , am using bb curve 9220 and have the same prob , did you get solution ?

  47. Vasudha


    I have been following the same process, and wi fi has been working on my bb. But now i have one problem, when ever i go to a place where i don’t have a wifi network and i try to open browser, it says that “this is a wifi service etc etc” and also while using whatsapp, my balance is been deducted now.

  48. gaurav

    I have blackberry curve 9300 with os-6.0.

    There is no “Default browser’ option. When I’m connected to wifi, then also it uses SIM internet. What can I do to disable SIM internet?

  49. gaurav

    I have blackberry curve 9300 with os-6.0.

    There is no “Default browser’ option. When I’m connected to wifi, then also it uses SIM internet. What can I do to disable SIM internet, so that I can access internet only via wifi.

  50. vardhman

    when i connect to a wifi network no wifi login is propt???i hve enabled all options of propt but still not propting anything?

  51. kamal

    I have bb9790 n I am using 3g data ordinary plan nt bb plane.I am able to access watsapp n opera bt nt able to browse or play online vedios on youtube.I m rcving msg tat browsing over inernet is not in ur plan.connect wifi,

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  54. Nitin


    I have active data plan and mobile data is on.But unable to browse with the help of mobile data in blackberry curve 8520.I am able to browse only when mobile data is on and wifi settings have been set as mentioned above.

    When I off the wifi I am getting error “your device is connected to wifi domain,please check if the wifi is active”

    Could any one suggest why i am notable to browse when the wifi is off.


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  56. torch

    i am using blackberry torch . . . how can i use internet only with wi-fi

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