Heavy SMS users: How to view Text Messages only – separate SMS and Email folders

This is very basic How-to post, but I wanted to share this with our new BlackBerry Curve 8520 owners. I guess many of 8520 owners would be very heavy SMS-Text users and it’s very convenient to separate Text Messages from the Messages (Emails) folder so that you can keep track of it easily.

There are two ways to do it. The easiest way is to just separate SMS and Messages folders. So all Text and MMS will go to separate folder.

Separate SMS and Email Folder


  1. Open the Messages folder
  2. Press Menu button
  3. Select Options
  4. Select General Options
  5. Scroll down and change SMS and Email inboxes to Separate
  6. Press Menu button
  7. Select Save

That’s it. You have another separate icon for SMS and MMS.

Display only SMS text messages in the Messages folder

Now for instance say, if you are getting same amount of emails and text messages and it’s not convenient for you to switch between two folders then this is the good option for you. This way you will have one less icon on your screen.

To see the SMS messages only in the Messages folder – Click ALT + s and it will filter and show only SMS. You can also do ALT+M for all incoming messages or ALT + p to see phone calls only. These short-cuts are predefined in almost all BlackBerry models and it should work for you. See the image below.


Now if you do not have these short-cuts pre-configured on your device then you can configure them by following the steps mentioned below. You can also add more for PIN messages only or Email with attachments or unopened messages etc. To display only Short Message Service (SMS) text messages in the Messages folder on the BlackBerry device, complete the following steps:

Capture11_28_22  Capture11_54_48
  1. Open the Messages folder
  2. Press the Menu button and select Search.
  3. Highlight the value next to the Type field and change it to SMS.
  4. Press the Menu button and save the search.
  5. Type a title for the search and assign it a shortcut key, if desired. For example, the search could be assigned the shortcut key "s".
  6. Press the Menu button and save the search again.

The search will be processed and all items in the SMS Inbox will be displayed in the Messages folder. If the Messages folder is closed and subsequently reopened, the search just created can be run again by holding the ALT key and pressing the assigned shortcut key (for example, ALT+s). A similar search can also be created for the SMS Outbox using the same procedure.


What’s Next – No Delivery Report option for SMS


This is bonus how to tip. There is no default option to generate a Delivery Report for Short Message Service (SMS) messages on the BlackBerry device and this feature is specific to wireless carrier. For your sent SMS messages, if you are not getting delivery report indicator (D with check mark as delivered for your sent SMS) follow the steps.

With SIM card
Without SIM card
  1. Remove the SIM card and insert the battery (i.e. Turn on the BlackBerry without the SIM card)
  2. Go to device Options
  3. Click on SMS or SMS Text
  4. Now you will see option to Turn on Delivery Report as shown in above image. Change it to ON
  5. Press Menu button and click Save
  6. Restart the BlackBerry with SIM card and you’re good to go.

This is tested on 4.5+ OS – Rogers – GSM BlackBerry devices. You may not get this options if it is disabled by your wireless carrier or if you have CDMA device as there is no SIM card for your take out in that case.

So, let’s find out who’s THE HEAVIEST SMS user on BlackBerry Tune? Leave the comment below. On an average how many SMS do you send + receive in a day?

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  1. Alan

    Thanks soo much!! I was looking for the delivery report thing for so long and I finally found it. I was wondering how come the option wasn’t there before so thanks for the solution!

  2. Owais

    hi Dear:
    i just boght a new blackberry bold 9700 and the problem i m facing is that i just need a seperate sms inbox.I want that whenever i open the message tab sms inbox should be appeared on the screen so that i can immidiately check the sms and its complete detail i.e who is the sender and whats the time of sms.reply me privately as well on owais.gohar@gmail.com

  3. slash

    thanks a lot. been looking on how to have delivery report. tried loads of sites and all were saying turn on delivery report which i could not find. thanks to this site i found it. thanks a lot.

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    Now how do you do these steps on the 9300 cuz I tried your steps and once it got to scroll down and find sms and email, well it doesn’t exist. I got this phone just today and if I can’t get my old sms back I’m just going to return it and use my old one.

    Please help

  7. Dhaval Soni

    I have curve 8520, i want to separate my messages in different folders and want to write more than 160 words in single message? could any one help me?

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    how to view sent messages from my desktop emails on blackberry curve 8520

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