Google Voice BlackBerry App v0.1.6 Released – No Change Log


After the recent announcement from Google for linking your existing telephone number with Google Voice to use their some cool features, the Google Voice app for BlackBerry has been updated to Version 0.1.6. Now you can use your regular cellphone number and have your voicemails handled by Google Voice. When you sign up for Google Voice now you will get the option of either using your existing number just for voicemail or getting a new Google Voice number.

If you sign up for Google Voice with your existing number, you’ll get:

  • Online, searchable voicemail
  • Free automated voicemail transcription
  • Custom voicemail greetings for different callers
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Low-priced international calling

If you’re not yet using Google Voice, you can request an invite from this link. It’s available for US residents only at this time.

Its not clear that this upgraded version for BlackBerry app is related with above change but without any changelog provided by Google, feel free to visit below link to get the latest version of Google Voice.

Download The Latest Version From The Google Voice Website

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  1. Calling International Cheap

    Works great on my 8900 ( and no errors or issues, but don’t see new features either.