Google Mobile App Updated to v3.6.13 Now Supports BlackBerry Storm and Storm2

Google Mobile App BlackBerry Storm and Storm2

We have covered all Google Applications for BlackBerry in the past and Google Mobile App is one of my personal favorite. It has been updated to v3.6.13 which also includes the support for touch screen BlackBerry Storm and Storm2. Basically this version contains all of the useful features of Google Mobile App, but is tailored for BlackBerry touch screen devices. You can search using your voice instead of typing your query. Just hold the green button and speak your query in English, Mandarin Chinese, or Japanese. You can also use Google Mobile App to search your BlackBerry’s email and contacts.

To download Google Mobile App to your BlackBerry, visit in your BlackBerry’s browser. You can check out our previous post on all other Google Applications available for BlackBerry.

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