Google Maps For BlackBerry Updated With Layers Integration


Google Maps for BlackBerry has been updated to version 3.2 with some new features including “layers” integration, an awesome feature  that allows you to get the most out of it.

Layers make it easy to view various types of information on your map and are especially helpful in situations when you’re traveling somewhere new. For example, you can turn on the Wikipedia layer to read entries about nearby places, then use the transit lines layer to help map out a route. Or you can use the My Maps feature of Google Maps to create a collection of places you’re planning to visit on your trip and then use Google Maps for mobile to access it from the road. You can also turn on the Google Latitude layer to see your friends’ locations.

To download the new version OTA visit from your BlackBerry Browser.

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  1. Hai Morley

    Often I’m asked WHY are your maps so good? Well, for GPS navigation, you just have to be INCREDIBLY accurate. There’s no room for sloppy work. It’s as simple as that.