Get the tons of free animated BBM Avatars!

Get the tons of free animated BBM Avatars!

Starting With the BlackBerry Messenger version 6.1, you can use the animated gif images as BBM profile picture. This is cool way to personalize your BBM and show off something new to your BBM contacts. Many BlackBerry users call this BBM profile image as BBM Avatar, so don’t get confused. Also other thing to keep in mind is, the animation will only show up when you highlight the profile picture. It will not show as continuously animated.

There are certain file restrictions posed by RIM and keep the following requirements in mind while using the animated gifs.

  • Animated Avatars are supported only by BlackBerry Messenger 6.1
  • Maximum file size: 32KB
  • Supported file types: GIF
  • Image must be in dimensions of a square, for example 30px x 30px, 40px x 40px, etc.
  • 30px x 30px minimum
  • 333px x 333px maximum
  • 100px is optimal

Well, we have made it easy for you. Browse the growing gallery of animated BBM Avatars which are optimized and meet above requirements. If you have one created and would like to share with BlackBerry community then feel free to send it to us.

>> Browse gallery of free Animated BBM Avatars

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