Get Exclusive Picture Icons & Smileys for BBM 5.0 with Picticons


Picticons is a new add-on application for BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 that lets you select all above exclusive picture icons and smiley at the press of a button just like you usually do for regular ones that are built in BBM 5.0.

Inserting above icons is very easy. While in a chat session in BBM 5.0, press Menu button, select Picticons, select an icon, press trackball or trackpad to insert and you’re done.

Picticons is only 99 cents until March 14th then it’ll get bumped to $2.99. There is another way to get more icons which does not cost you anything but it’s very tedious as it involves copying and pasting each time you need icons or storing those as auto-text for future use.

> > Download Picticons for BlackBerry

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