Freedom Pro Full Size Keyboard for BlackBerry


In quest for improving productivity and efficiency on a BlackBerry, get yourself full size keyboard for $119.95, if this fits your budget. This dual Profile, Bluetooth portable keyboard from Freedom provides all the portability and practicality of keyboard with additional functions and improved driver software. With additional keys on the keyboard, you get even more control of your BlackBerry.

Key features:

  • Full 5 row keyboard with 75 keys.
  • 6 Dedicated keys to: Answer Call, End/Reject call, Open Messages/email, Open Address book, Open task and Open Calendar.
  • 12 user defined quick launch keys.
  • Control and function keys allow complete control of your mobile device from the keyboard.
  • Separate LED indicators to show power and connection status.
  • Pull out, folding, device stand.
  • Uses two AAA batteries for long life (Over 90 hours use and 3000 hours standby) and ease of replacement.
  • Can also be connected to many HID compatible devices which have keyboard support such as Symbian and Windows Mobile Smartphones, Playstations 3’s, Netbooks, Laptop’s and PC’s.
  • Comes with elegant storage case.

Size Opened: 319.2 X 102.9 X 9.6 mm (12.6 X 4.0 X 0.38 ins.)
Size Closed: 162.5 X 102.9 X 19.2 mm (6.4 X 4.0 X 0.75 ins.)
Weight: 258g (including batteries)

For this keyboard to work with BlackBerry, you need to download and install the necessary software (drivers), which is compatible with all BlackBerry OS including OS 5.0.

If you want to spend more and looking for bigger screen along with keyboard, take a look at REDFLY Mobile Companion starting at $199.00.

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